8 Guides When Giving Some Corporate Gift in Singapore

Business gifts in Singapore have grown so much over many years. Before, it is only just a simple corporate gesture. But today, giving some premium corporate gifts can already be considered as one crucial part of maintaining business relationships. To help you come up with great corporate gift idea, here are 8 guides when giving corporate gift in Singapore.

  1. Share something unique about your company

– In order for your gift to be noticed, it will be a good idea to put some personality in it. Since it is a Singapore corporate gift, you can consider putting your company’s character. Try sharing your work culture.

  1. Be inclusive to all

– Gift giving has this one goal of making the recipient happy. Business gift are usually a mass production kind of thing because business relationship is not like the way we give personal gifts to our loved ones. You cannot afford to spend so much time on getting to know your customers, partners, and workmates interest. Being inclusive to all is all about giving gift that has a great chance to be accepted by everybody. Just try to consider things like allergies or stuff for a win-win gift for all.

  1. Mind the ethical and cross cultural issues

– Minding the ethical and cross cultural factors is just a weighty version of being inclusive to all. Since culture and values is a more serious matter than a person’s preference, be very careful in choosing premium gifts in Singapore regarding this matter. When you have customers or business partners outside the country that you are living in, try understanding their practices so you’re not going to offend anybody.

  1. Consider occasion and timing

– Occasion and timing is like the essential spices which could make the thought of gift giving more flavorful. Give your presents on time. If you’re giving gifts for New Year, try some calendar for your customers. If your giving gift for some grand reasons, then make the recipient feel that your gift is also grand and special.

  1. Gift presentation matters

– I don’t think you would like to accept a gift handed to you inside a plastic bag, right? A minimal effort in wrapping your presents in a nice paper, box, container or whatever can significantly make the gift more special.

  1. Try sharing some local flavor

– Sharing some local taste is also a good idea. Well, everybody loves food as long as it is safe. Sharing local food is like giving them the taste of a certain place without the need of actually visiting it. If you think that the people you intend to give this kind of gift has never been to new places for quite a while, then this is a good idea.

  1. Always value quality over originality

– Yes, it is good to have a unique corporate gift. But if quality is going to be compromised (especially if you have limited budget), then it is more ideal to stick into some simple yet quality and long lasting gift. Just be creative in highlighting the personality, thought and your good intentions behind that gift.

  1. Don’t over brand

– Corporate gifts main purpose is to maintain good relationship to your workers, partners and customers so you can still do business with them. But, this motive should be done subtly. Make them feel like the gift was all because you care about them. Branding is good, but excessive branding using corporate gift is not healthy for business. Understand that a gift is for the joy of the receiver not the giver.

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