6 Apps for Travellers

In this article, we list down some of the apps that you might just need when visiting the place, country or city of your dreams. There’s no need for you to go over your operating system’s applications stores as we will be listing these for you instead.


Let’s start with an app that every mobile user should have at this point in time. Skype is video-calling service allowing users not to spend a dime for long-distance call as this service provides its users free calls to other Skype users when connected via wireless internet or 3G.


Free-up some space on your luggage and leave those thick books at home! Developed by Amazon, the Kindle is a reading application that functions like the gadget initially introduced to the market; only it allows you to read your purchased or synced book on whatever mobile phone you have. Users of this app can basically access its e-book market place and download his/ her favourite book or magazine.


For the music junkie, Spotify is a music-streaming service allowing its users to access their favourite tunes anywhere. Comparing this one to its counterparts, this app allows you to select and download your favourite songs from over 15 million songs and add them on your playlist. You’ll never know when you’ll need your good ‘ole music while travelling.

Sky Scanner

You were browsing through a local magazine and came across an island so beautiful that you want to go there right away? Sky Scanner might just have a cheap flight to that island ready for purchase. This app allows you to search for available flights, regardless of the time of the day. It also features comparisons from different airlines offering the same flights to preferred place.


After booking your flight using your Sky Scanner app, the next you probably would do is book a place to stay in, right? Then Kayak is the right app for you. A comprehensive list of hotels is presented to you after you set your preference, making your hotel booking as easy as a tap of a finger. For your flight needs, Kayak also offers booking services for your flights.

Oanda Currency Converter

Converting the amount you might be spending while travelling abroad is made easy by this app. No need to practice your mathematics skill, as this app will do it for you. This app offers conversion services for over 190 currencies around the world. The easy to use interface can be compared to its website version.

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