Basement Waterproofing

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Structural damage is very costly and may cost lives of your family members if ignored. So prior to construction or during service, you can waterproof your house in Singapore to prevent these unfortunate events from happening. If your area is wet and characterized by moist soil, your house is prone to water seepage. These seepages are majorly found in the edges and joints where the floor and wall meet. Usually, it takes a lot of time until the seepage problem comes to your notice. If ignored for long, it can lead to bigger damages like cracked foundation or bowed walls. It is always better to waterproof your basements so that you can prevent your property from such damages.

The basement is the lowest part of the house. When flooded, the water may stay there for days and might be home for bacteria and dangerous organism that can cause illness to family members. If you reside in a hurricane prone or heavy rainfall area, then you must not neglect waterproofing your basements. This is because these areas are vulnerable to flooding. Excess water from the ground might seep in through the basement easily. Rainwater can enter through the cracks which already exist in the wall and cause seepage. Also, hydrostatic pressure is created when the flood water forms puddles in the earth surrounding the foundation walls. Over time, the water is pushed over the wall due to the pressure, and can lead to flooding of the basement. This makes basement waterproofing a must in such areas, thus, contact the nearest basement waterproofing service in Singapore before building your home. The roof must also be sturdy as to not let water go inside your house and into the basement. There are many roofing contractors in Singapore which can do the service for you.

If you like to use the basement to store equipment, books and furniture, or have a garage or wine cellars at the basement, it is important to get the area waterproofed. If you don’t waterproof, the water seeping in can ruin your belongings, especially if they are made out of wood.

Check for mold growth in the basement and the surrounding areas. Most of these organisms causes illness and might contaminate water and food supply. If you find the growth, you need to hasten and waterproof your basement. Damp areas act as breeding platforms for microorganisms and contaminants. Different kinds of mold breed beneath damp and padded carpets or in between the walls. The most dangerous contaminant is the black mold since the high levels of toxins present in it can cause death. You must be extremely cautious about areas which tend to be wet most of the times since they can cause serious health hazards. If you cannot handle these infestations, hire professionals who possess expertise in waterproofing and decontaminating your basement.

If the area surrounding your home does not slope away from the basement, water could seep into it and create a lot of damage. The best way to avoid the problem is to spend some money getting the slope fixed. If not possible, waterproofing can be the only way out. You need robust internal as well as external waterproofing in order to prevent damage.

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