Be Your Own Handy Woman

jointing sheet

Who said only men can do the fixing around the house? We live in a time where feminists (and even those who don’t identify themselves, explicitly, as one) strive to be equal with men on everything—job titles, political positions, societal roles, name it! Nothing that a woman can’t do at these modern times. And even when it is not too feminine, there are courageous women who do not care if the career or hobbies they are getting into are perceived to be masculine. For instance, as basic as being a reliable handy woman seems to be appealing to some women.

Samantha, who found herself buying some epoxy putty, oil absorbent, and other handy tools to do some fixin’ in their humble abode now that her husband started working overseas, shared, “I’m actually excited to learn about these things. Anyway, YouTube is here to teach me everything—and I have male friends whom I could call. Since I just work from home as an EFL teacher, I thought it wouldn’t be bad to gain more skills while I am young and able. I feel I need to change a lot of things in the house, and now I am at full liberty to do so.”

And do not be afraid to initiate changes around the house, if you own it anyway, “One of the benefits of home ownership is that you have the ability to change your house when the desire strikes you. You can save money if you work on these projects yourself, although it can be difficult to know where to begin, particularly if you have limited experience. This article contains information that is meant to guide you as you begin the home improvement process. To save on your electric bill, try switching from regular light switches to dimmer switches. Dimmer switches allow you to select how much light you want to use in a particular room.  By doing so, you can use less electricity to light a whole room, and add a sense of mood as well. When it comes to home improvement, be sure to get quotes from at the very least three different contractors. This is important because prices may vary greatly, as may the quality of work. Get a good feeling for your contractor by sitting down with him or her and discussing your entire plan,” wrote an unnamed writer of Tips for Being Your Own Handyman (or Handywoman) as posted at

According to the article of Kathryn Kates titled How To Be Your Own Handywoman for the website, these are what should be in your tool box, if you are serious about being a skilled handy woman yourself:

  • A basic toolbox (a Keter 19″ Plastic Tool Box shown here)
  • Multi-screw driver or a set of different-sized screwdrivers
  • Hammer – suited to your strength
  • Pry bar (aka crowbar)
  • Small wood saw
  • Hacksaw for cutting metal

Unsurprisingly, if you want to make a career of it, you can be, in fact, certified, “If you are really serious about becoming your own handyman, you might want to think about enrolling in online schools for electricians or a similar field. Online schools offer several different programs that provide extensive information that help you become a handyman. You will learn from instructors and read materials that are not available anywhere else at online schools for electricians. After you complete an online program, you will be certified. A certification proves to others that you know your stuff,” wrote an anonymous writer in the article Becoming Your Own Handy Man (or Woman) posted at

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