Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Singapore

There are many places to choose from when you want to celebrate your wedding in Singapore. Deciding the place is one of the things to consider in your fairy-tale like party.

Nowadays, most couples want their wedding to be in an outdoor setting. Aside from its cool ambiance, it gives the guests an “at home” feeling where they can easily move around and just feel the breeze of fresh air and enjoy. Plus it sets the mood of the celebration.

If you want to have your wedding in Singapore, its weather may not be good to conduct an outdoor ceremony. But it’s not a hindrance. Many couples in Singapore choose to celebrate outdoor.

One of the most popular outdoor celebrations is a garden wedding, be it on a park or at the backyard having beautiful flowers around. In this kind of setting, Wedding photography in Singapore are extremely important. Garden wedding gives excellent photos because of the natural light and beauty around especially during the actual wedding day photography Singapore.

Garden Wedding also makes the ceremony intimate despite of the size. You just simple have to arrange everything in place in any way. It can fit in numbers of guests and is appropriate for both reception and ceremony in one. It is very convenient and cheaper to have both in one venue.

Another outdoor good outdoor venue is the poolside wedding. It is one of the coolest places for celebration. The pool itself makes it exciting as it invites the guest to have extra fun around. It has the mood of a garden associated with childhood memories. It has a fresh and youthful air. In Singapore, many hotels allow weddings to be held by the pool. It is one of the most popular in the community as it can head up a crowded number of guests.

And lastly, one among the most recommended place is the beach wedding. It gives a feeling of freedom into an open air, beautiful site of the waters and huge area for many guests. When we think of this venue, chances are you’re dreaming of the soft sand, cool ocean breeze and gorgeous sunset in the distance.

One reason to look forward about beach wedding is because it is cost effective. Instead of having to travel in different locations, everything can be done here, the ceremony, reception and even the honeymoon.

Outdoor celebrations nowadays are very popular because of its uniqueness. You can freely choose the kind of theme that you wanted for the big day from the color motif to the guests’ attire, etc. It also allows you to reach out and fulfill your deepest fantasies and desires. Your illusions are limitless.

It can also become quite intense especially between families involved. It will ease tensions that may arise between families because of expectations not met with in laws. Outdoor venues will allow you and your partner to plan everything according to your wants and dreams.



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