Betting Sites, Tipping Sites, And Tipster Competition Promos

Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia is slowly warming up to esports tournaments and esports betting. With that, one can say that there are probably a number of Southeast Asian residents that are earning money out of tipping and tipster competition promos. There’s a big money involved when we’re talking about the esports industry, so let’s discuss how these betting and tipping sites work.

Esports Betting Sites

Since the internet now has a worldwide betting industry and economy, there are esports online betting sites now that cater to mainstream titles and other games. There are now betting sites and punters on every corner of the globe, and their business is to sell you the biggest markets you can bet on. To put it simply, these online betting sites are the online sports betting model applied to esports matches. Participants or online bettors registered to these sites can wager on esports events such as World Championships, DreamHack events Blast Pro Series, GG.Bet Ice Challenge, Overwatch League, and more.  

Instead of wagering on traditional sports like the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL, people can now wager on outcomes of esports events. These sites offering betting on esports are a combination of traditional online bookmakers expanding into esports.

Esports Tipping Sites

Tipping sites are run by one tipster or a group of tipsters. Specifically, their job is to provide tips, insights, or predictions for upcoming matches so bettors can make their accurate predictions. These tipsters all have insights to give when it comes to upcoming esports matches, mostly revolving around the possibility of your favored team winning or losing the game. Most tipsters upload or publish daily tips to help you follow a complete observation of the tournament and the teams competing before the actual event.

These tipping sites conduct tipster online competition promos to attract new tipsters and retain tipsters with good profile. Most of these promos come with free bets from partner betting sites, free skins for DotA 2, CSGO, and League of Legends, and prize pools featuring loads of Bitcoins. Any type of tipster can join these tipster competition promos to promote their name and to earn money. Many even consider it as a form of business.

The best way to see if these tipping sites are regulated and reputable is to see if their tips are consistently winning, and if the topsters have good profiles and impressive track record.

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