Bike Friendly Roads in Singapore

One of Singapore’s goal aside for keeping their roads safe from vehicular accident is to make them bike friendly. Commuter cycling is getting much attention year by year which is why the Land Transport Authority even decided to have more bike racks near MRT stations. They are also putting safety road signs for pedaled routes.

Although it may not be the right time to be fully considered as a bike friendly city, the possibilities are great. The country has been very keen on observing road accidents despite the many road safety products Singapore that may prevent it. They also have clean surroundings, with their very strict rules on spitting, chewing gum and littering. That chewing gum part already saved your bike wheels from unnecessary mess.

So if you feel like biking around the Lion City, here are some of the bike friendly roads you can paddle to sometime:


Located in the northernmost portion of Singapore, Sembawangjust took effect the division between the two mid-block bicycle crossings early last year. One is located in a street in front of Sembawang MRT and the other close to a junction near the MrtSembawang station. The mid blocking crossings and cyclists allow their own parking spaces. You can buy bikes at the Cheap John’s Enterprise.


The Tampines Bike Park is at the Tampines Regional Center. Many activities were held at the ten-kilometer mountain bike trail like hosting the PhatTyre Sunday Mountain Bike Race in 2007, the BikeAsia100, Eneloop Mountain Bike Carnival in 2009 and the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics as competition venue for cycling (BMX and mountain bike).


The 14- hectare Yishunpark is within Northland Primary School and SafraYishun Country Club. It is surrounder by rubber trees and fallen rubber seeds. You can jog through their running track or use their fitness equipments. Of course there is a cycling track for bicycle riders.


The PasirRis Park is the beach park located at the eastern part of Singapore. There’s a 3-storey tower where you can bird watch and a 6 hectare mangrove forest within it. Another sought feature at the PasirRis Park is the huge playground where you have the chance to experience their play stations, rope climbing, cableways and even basketball courts. There is also some skating lessons and kayaking. It is also a bike friendly place with their cycling track and bicycle rental.

Rifle Range Road

Going to Rifle Range Road can be a bit steep at first but reaching it gives you a smoother pavement which makes it great for road bikes. Also expect some monkeys to come across you on your way there, you can say hi to them but it’s not advisable to feed them.

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