Bitcoin Poker Freeroll: Hand and Tournament

New and seasoned gamblers from Singapore who thoroughly enjoy different variants of Texas Hold’em poker and its variations usually visit the grounds of Marina Bay Sands and other popular casinos in the Lion City. But what if we tell you that you can enjoy all this and more in online casinos? Moreover, you can instantly participate in Bitcoin poker freeroll to maximize your winnings.

What does Freeroll means?

Bitcoin online poker freeroll has two different meanings and occurrences: (1) the hand in which a player has the ability to split the pot or win the game, and (2) an online tournament with a prize pool but has no monetary fee. Let’s go over the two meanings to help you understand it better:

Freeroll as a Hand

A freeroll hand is a situation that occurs when two players with the same hand remain on the table before the last card has been distributed. One player has a decision to choose between two outcomes: split the pot with the remaining opponent (who has no chance of winning the pot) no matter what the final card contains or risk opening the last card and win the entire pot. A freeroll hand can mostly be encountered in a high-low split poker game where one player has a lower possibility to get a card that will give him hand rankings. Take the given example below for your reference:

Player A has two cards that contain: King of Spades and Nine of Spades, and Player B has the Queen of Diamonds and Nine of Diamonds. When the penultimate card has been distributed, the board now looks like this: Ace of  Spades, King of Hearts, King of Diamonds, and Five of Spades. Player A and B currently hold the nut hand, based on the results of the boards. The best option for them is to split the pot. But remember that there is a final card and if it’s from the family of Spades, Player B’s hand rankings will lose to Player As flush. There is nothing that Player B can do to improve his current card combinations, only Player A can do so. In simpler terms, Player A has the freeroll hand.

Freeroll as a Tournament

There are different types of Bitcoin poker freeroll tournaments online, and they are commonly used as a promotional or marketing tool by online gambling sites to attract new customers. Anyone who are registered on a specific bookmaker can join its designated tournament, play poker, and get the prize pool.

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