Why Burden Yourself With Funeral Planning

Death is inevitable. No one can stop it, not even the superheroes.  When death comes, we have to be ready for it. A death of a member of a family is the most painful experience. The death of people we know and love is often painful and dreadful. Although we have to face it because as time passes by, the feeling of remorse will slowly fade.

The funeral arrangement is an additional burden to the family who has lost their loved one. The arrangements from the casket to the wearing apparel of the deceased are a lot of work. Like many other countries some prefer to employ funeral services. It lessens the burden of the grieving family.

Most common to Asian countries prefer a religious funeral. In Singapore where a mixture of religions is there, funerals vary. There are those whose religions are Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, Muslim and Christian.  With these types of religions they perform different funeral rites. So those opting to avail of the funerals services in Singapore, they can choose what kind of service they want for the deceased.

This funeral service companies offer a wide array packages, from the casket, clothing for the deceased, the use of an air-conditioned bus where it used during the transporting of the dead, to photo enlargement and hearse, manpower and driver. With these funeral service providers, they offer either burial or cremation. They also offer different packages for every religion, because not all religions are the same.

For non-religious funeral, these service providers also offer packages. All religions have traditions and rituals that serve to honour the dead and assist the bereaved family. So basically a non-religious funeral just means a ceremony to be performed to honour the dead who is not tied with any, rituals, beliefs or traditions of any particular religion.  A non-religious funeral serves to assist the mourners express their sorrow and offer their condolences.

Like any other countries Singapore funeral observes customs and traditions based on their religion. Here are some beliefs during funerals. For the Chinese funeral, caskets must be watched to prevent cats from waking the dead.  Flour is sprinkled on the floor to check for the deceased’s footsteps. Taoists believe that the spirit of the dead will return home seven days after death.  For Muslim funeral, the graves are all built in a particular direction, specifically at a right angle to the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, the holiest site in Islam. For Hindu funerals, a lamp is placed by the head of the body and lit along with dhoop or agarbatti, a type of incense. This is the symbolic showing of light to the soul as it exits the body into a reincarnation.  For Catholic funerals, caskets are blessed with incense as a symbol of prayers rising to heaven.  Then a novena where there is a recitation of the Rosary during the vigil before the funeral to pray the departed.

Bidding farewell to a loved one is hard but it has to be dignified and meaningful goodbye. Surely with all this funeral service providers, with the help of our families and friends, the bereaved family will be lessened with the burden of preparing the funeral.

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