The Various Values of Corporate Gifts

Gift-giving is changing the entire corporate culture and hardly anyone seems to notice. For one, gift-giving is changing not just the way companies engage with their public but is actually changing public relation investment and operations. This simply means companies today are putting in substantial resources and attention to gift-giving often considering it as a […]

5 Inexpensive Corporate Gift Ideas

It has been a tradition for businesses and companies to give corporate gifts to their employees and clients especially during the holidays. It is one of their ways to say thank you and show their gratitude for the hard work of their employees and support of their clients. If you own a business or company […]

Increasing the Value of Common Gift Items

Gift-giving is a custom as old as time. Whether for special occasions like Christmas and thanks giving or casual events like reunions and parties, giving gifts is almost a standard universal practice. The corporate and commercial world is no different. Corporate gifts and other give-aways are some of the simple but effective items that establish […]

Custom Corporate Gifts and the Value of Personalizing

There is simply no end to the possibilities of making clients, employees and partners happy in simplest gestures and economical means. Giving novelty items as corporate gifts is one such way. Products like shirts, jackets, caps, keychains, ballpens, stationery, notepads, mugs, and calendars as incentive for a job well done, for observing regular events like […]

4 Tips to Deciding Which Business Corporate Gifts to Give Clients

Deciding which gifts to send clients isn’t as easy as walking down a store and picking anything you’d like. You need to think through each gift you’re giving as your efforts can either make or break your brand. The goal is to make recipients happy with your gesture and make them feel special. And if […]

Top 10 Best Corporate Gift Ideas For the Outstanding Employee in your Company

Your outstanding employee should be given a reward that will surely pay all of his hard work and patience as well as in accomplishing an excellent job. It is very rewarding if you have received a gift from your superior or boss or from the management that recognizes all your effort. The recipient of the […]

Give Your Corporate Gift The Extraordinary Feel

The twenty-first century has brought a whole new meaning to the corporate gift. That and the Internet has brought with them an abundance of selections for selecting the ideal corporate gift in Singapore. If you have been purchasing this sort of gift for any time, you realize that for many years it took a lot […]

Are Cheap Corporate Gifts Always Worthless?

Every businessman or woman in the position of buying corporate gifts has been told at some point that cheap promotional items are worthless. They are made of low quality materials, fall apart easily, and generally are not appreciated by recipients. You may have taken this to be the truth, but is it really? Are there […]

Corporate Gifts and Your Budget – Tips for Financial Management during a Promotional Campaign

Most businesses now set a portion of their budget aside for corporate gifts, and most businesses make one or both of the following mistakes when they start spending that portion of their budget: They buy cheap corporate gifts because they can get more units for their money. Then they realize that the quality is so […]