Finding Peace and Serenity Despite Moments of Grief

Even if they have fat stacks of cash maturing nicely on their bank accounts, a jewellery box filled to the brim with precious gem stones and expensive bling, a wardrobe overflowing with designer threads as well as a massive dream house that they have always wanted ever since they were a young child, there are […]

Things to Consider When Choosing a Funeral Home

Choosing the right funeral home is very crucial when planning for a funeral. The reason behind this is that it is where you will avail products and services that are needed for the funeral. If you choose the wrong funeral home, you might end up encountering problems before, during, or after the funeral. To help […]

Stop the Hate and Give Love a Chance this Chinese New Year

The younger generations deserve to live in a world where they can run free without looking over their shoulders in fear, play without a care in the world and reach the fullest of their potentials in school because they are the future leaders of our nations and pillars of society. But the cold truth and […]

Things You Need to Know About Purchasing Funeral Flowers Online

They say that if you can’t say it, say it with flowers. These are the taglines of sellers of funeral flowers in Singapore. At the time of grief, it is really hard to find words to say to the families who are left here to mourn. There are a lot of stores that sell funeral […]

Where to Find Affordable Funeral Service in Singapore?

According to 2007 report, there are 17,140 people died in Singapore from various cases. The number one cause of increasing mortality rate is Cancer. There are about 4.5 deaths per 1,000 of the population. This is dreadful because of the increasing rate of suicide, health related deaths as well as crime involvement in the country. […]