League of Legends Betting: The Southeast Asian Scene

Singapore, Asia’s Global Financial Center, recently hosted its first major ASEAN Esports Tournament last year at the country’s fully-integrated sports hub in Kallang. The organizers accommodated 55,000 indoor seats of the stadium to and filled it with esports fans and enthusiasts from around the world. With that. There’s no denying that the country is truly […]

Things To Know Before Making Esports Predictions

When you’re betting, always expect the unexpected, especially if it’s an esports tournament with two rival teams. Each tournament and match is different from the ones before, the game modes improve because of the ever-changing technology. Therefore, you need to have an advantage on interpreting data and making esports predictions. Don’t worry. Our research, analysis, […]

Betting Sites, Tipping Sites, And Tipster Competition Promos

Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia is slowly warming up to esports tournaments and esports betting. With that, one can say that there are probably a number of Southeast Asian residents that are earning money out of tipping and tipster competition promos. There’s a big money involved when we’re talking about the esports industry, […]

Overwatch Predictions: A Look At This Year’s Asian Teams

The second season of the Overwatch League is on-going, and we’re currently on the second stage. Apart from that, we also have the Overwatch World Cup, another top-tier tournament that features OWL players competing under the banners of their home countries. With the emergence of these tournaments, Singapore, China, and other parts of Asia have […]

Tips And Tricks In Making DotA 2 Predictions

The esports industry have been around for nearly a decade, penetrating Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia. But people, especially bettors, are raving about it as if it’s the current big thing. DotA 2, specifically, is capturing the hearts of millions of bettors because of its competitive odds and markets. With this hype, people […]

League of Legends Predictions For SouthEast Asia Tour

The League of Legends competitive season is entering the continent of Southeast Asia with the LoL SEA Tour. It’s the biggest LoL championship series in the continent that replaced the former Garena Premier League. It features the best teams from the Sea Tour National Qualifiers of the following countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. […]