Get Rid of the Uncomfortable Bunion

Bunions are protrusions, bulge or swelling of the joint in your big toe. This is caused by several factors including genetic factors, inappropriate footwear, arthritis and trauma. It usually starts undetected and grows slowly over the years. Sometimes it is only noticed when they already cause discomfort and pain in walking and in putting on […]

Right Time to Look for the Best Podiatrist in Singapore

Feeling well is something we all want to achieve. This is because when our bodies are in good condition, this means that we can also be able to work well and do well every day. We know this because if there is something in our bodies that would not feel good, like, something that hurts […]

Nail Fungus Treatment that Every One Should Know About

You might be wondering why despite being a pretty hygienic person, you still surprisingly get infections like nail fungus—which is weird because you may even consider yourself a total type A, OC person when it comes to personal hygiene and sanitation. “That pedicure you shelled out big bucks for may have left you with an […]

FAQs About Podiatrists Work at Podiatry Centre in Singapore

Today’s podiatrists in Singapore are specialists, surgically and medically trained for ankle and foot treatment. Complications due to diabetes, sports injuries, simple pain on the heel, and pediatric deformities are some of the common medical cases in the field of podiatry in Singapore. To further discuss this matter, this article presents some of the frequently […]