Fishing Rod Selection Guide

Competitiveness and patience are the keys to a successful fishing outing. But a good rod goes a long way, too. Learn about the components and materials for your fishing rod, and find one that’s right for your next trip. The different components of a fishing rod is discussed below. Which can be found in fishing […]

Common Types of Level Switch and Uses

Level switches are necessary devices for maritime and offshore operations. The function of level switches in a ship is that it detects liquid levels in barges (cargo tanks) and automatically sends a signal to turn on or off a circuit as the level of liquid rises or falls. This simple but ingenious device allows liquid […]

Propulsion Science: The Basics of Marine Engines

Propulsion science is based on the system or mechanism utilized to produce the thrust necessary to move a vessel across water and marine engineering is the area involved with the development of marine propulsion systems. Although sails and paddles in some cases are still employed on a few smaller watercrafts, most modern day ships are […]

Diesel generator for Oil & Gas Industries

Nowadays, corporations which are working in the sea, oil and gas production are in high demand. Many marine businesses are depending on their off land platform to manage their business. Power has become very important when your production is taking on dry platform. This is the time a marine generator comes into the center of […]