What an IT Maintenance Provider can Offer?

As the most network-ready country in Asia, information technology (IT) in Singapore is considered to be one of the best in the industry. The Singaporean IT industry’s revenue growth grew 18.5% in 2011 reaching SGD $83.4 billion. Singapore is home to more than a 140,000 IT industry professionals with more than 80 percent of them […]

Reasons to Go with Samsung

Samsung is among the top producers of cellular phones and various other electronic gadgets in the world. Having recently defeated electronics titan Apple in litigation involving their tablets, now Samsung is poised to grab up an even bigger share of world business as people flock to them for their just-as-good, half-the-cost goods. There’s no reason […]

Propulsion Science: The Basics of Marine Engines

Propulsion science is based on the system or mechanism utilized to produce the thrust necessary to move a vessel across water and marine engineering is the area involved with the development of marine propulsion systems. Although sails and paddles in some cases are still employed on a few smaller watercrafts, most modern day ships are […]