Choosing the Right Curtain for Your Home

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Curtains add an extra glam to any home, and it also serves as a protection from the heat of the scorching sun during certain times of the day. That’s why it’s only imperative to be very cautious and picky in buying curtains for your own home.

Jen, a home owner, was once problematic on where to buy the best curtains in Singapore, until she made her own research. “I tried online sites, but I ended up hopping from one store to another. I am very picky with items I use at home because I follow a certain theme, vibe, color scheme. Since my home’s interior is a mix of white and green, I made sure I don’t stray away much from these palette. When I bought curtains for all the window, I had to make sure too that the measurements were accurately taken.” Jen mentioned that the best curtain in Singapore is found in big department stores’ home depot, “You just have to be patient when doing your curtain shopping. Make sure you have specific things in mind like the texture, color, fabric, etc.”

Dane, a curtain tailor, also shared some advice, “Examine the hem and the linings if they fray easily. Look at the intricacy of the stitches. Feel the fabric, and see if you’ll get the coverage you need by also considering the thickness and texture.”

While Jen and Dane gave us some helpful tips to use as guides in choosing the right curtains for our home, we have some more practical tips for you. After reading all these guides, you will surely have a clear idea and vision on what to get for that room and window of your own home.

  • Take into account that the curtains should also match the home decors. Now, we don’t mean that if you have a red bookshelf, you need to automatically buy flaming red curtains too. Know which color complements one another. If your couch, chairs, and coffee tables are all brown in the living room, perhaps, an off-white curtain with some earth tone trimming may complement the room. Or if you have a big abstract painting in that particular area, maybe you can pick up from the dominant color and choose that hue for the curtain you are about to purchase. This goes true as well with the wall paint. Check what curtain color will best complement it.
  • Check the thickness of the fabric. If you are aiming to get full coverage from the sun for that particular room where you are to mount the curtain, perhaps, you’d better pick out something thick and opaque. Translucent and transparent curtains only work well on less shady spots and on rooms where when you need enough sunlight, like, say your study room. Quality curtain fabrics are also be good as they fray less even when you wash them over and over.
  • Be aware that layered curtains can add that extra dimension on your window. It also allows you to control the light that comes inside—which is a very energy efficient practice that you can start to observe.
  • Sometimes, little patterns can help. If you are into geometric patterns and you feel like your plain and simple room needs a little drama, curtains with patterns may be the best resort for you.
  • Normally, we think of what complements the room’s interior. But it is also possible to choose a curtain that looks good on the outside as well as it peeks through the outside window.

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