Common Home Renovation Mistakes

resize_1340104449Home renovations can be a huge undertaking; because there are so many things that could go wrong, you’ll want to try to anticipate every possible problem.  Some things to think about, that can cause problems:

1-Using wrong tools can cause a number of problems.  Each tool is made for a specific purpose.  Using the wrong tool can result in not correctly completing the job, or worse, an injury.

2-Not remembering safety can lead to mistakes.  Home renovation often requires dangerous activities, especially when power tools are involved.  It’s important to use safety gloves, ear protection, eye goggles, etc..  Keep a first aid kit on hand, and make sure it is well stocked.

3-Know the job you are about to begin.  Make sure that the home renovation is something that you can actually handle.  Visit the library and talk with anyone who may have completed a similar renovation.  If you are limited in completing the task, don’t fudge; hire a professional.

4-Use the right supplies for the right job.  Don’t purchase cheaper supplies, such as paint, just to save a few dollars.  In the long run, it will be more cost effective to have the right materials for your home renovation.

5-Measure twice, cut once.  In a moment of excitement, when a renovation is starting to come together, many feel it is okay to start taking short cuts.  It is better to take the entire project slow and steady, to avoid making mistakes.

6-Make a list and be sure to purchase everything that you need;  you don’t want to get home from the hardware store only to discover that a key item was not purchased.

7-Stay on schedule and avoid chaos.  When a project is started, or when it starts to take shape, there may be the temptation to rush ahead.  Don’t.   Keep the slow pace, stay on schedule.  Review the work.  Don’t skip steps.

8-Maintain your budget.  Before you begin the renovation, keep a journal of purchases and anticipated expenses, as well as reliable suppliers.  There may be times, when you are in the middle of a project that you may feel as though you can do more than you first planned out.  Changing the budget while in the middle of a renovation is never a good idea, because the entire project may need to be reworked.

9-If you do determine that hiring a professional is required, interview, check references, and interview.  You should check their backgrounds, investigate their past work, speak to former customers to make sure you know who you are dealing with.  Professional contractors can be intimidating; remember that you are hiring them.

10-Check with your local municipalities if a permit is required.  You may think that completing a simple home repair/improvement/renovation is so uncomplicated that a permit isn’t needed; it is better to check before any work is completed to avoid costly fines.

By taking some extra time to plan out the work and anticipate any problems, you can avoid common home renovations mistakes.

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