Common Types of Level Switch and Uses

Level switches are necessary devices for maritime and offshore operations. The function of level switches in a ship is that it detects liquid levels in barges (cargo tanks) and automatically sends a signal to turn on or off a circuit as the level of liquid rises or falls. This simple but ingenious device allows liquid cargo barges to detect leakage or overloading. With such an important purpose, it is imperative that these mechanisms are taken from a reliable source.

hanla level switch

Hanla Instrument Machinery Systems (IMS) is a trusted manufacturer of magnetic level switches commonly found in most cargo ships. Hanla IMS carries 10 types of level switches with different functionalities. Here are 10 different Hanla level switches.

  1. Horizontal Mounted Float Switch

The horizontal mounted float switch is a magnetic level switch. The fully sealed apparatus’ compact design is easy to maintain and highly durable. It is often used in heavy fuel oil, settling, sludge, sewage, fresh water, and lubricant oil tanks.

  1. Vertical Mounted Float Switch

The vertical mounted float switch holds exactly the same functions as the horizontal float switch except its mounted upright.

  1. Displacement Type Level Switch

The displacement type level switch is also a float switch with a wide differential. It is easily maintained thus not susceptible to liquid agitation. This type is often used for coal tar fuel, heavy fuel oil, settling, sewage, fresh water, and lubricant oil tanks.

  1. Float Operated Type Level Switch

The float operated type level switch is a high load carrying capacity level instrument. It is vibration resistant and environmentally safe. It has an electrical switch mechanism for critical environmental conditions.

  1. Reed Switch Type Float Level Switch

The reed switch type float level switch comes in two models; a plastic and stainless steel model. This type is widely used for water, seawater, oil, and general liquids.

  1. Flow Detection Switch

The flow detection switch is used for protecting equipment from excessive flowing. This detection switch has the capability to start pumps and engines.

  1. Quick Float Type Level Switch

The quick float type level switch is often used for atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature applications. It is frequently used for wells, rivers, waste water, sewage tanks, drains, and sludge tanks.

  1. Paddle Type Level Switch for Solids

The paddle type level switch is appropriate for powder and granulated bulk goods.

  1. Capacitive Type Oil Detector

The capacitive type oil detector is designed to detect oil in cooling water. Once detected the capacitive type oil detector will trigger an alarm.

  1. Vibration Type Level Switch for Liquids and Solids

The vibration type level switch is a vibrating sensor that offers reliable detection for precise weight measurement. It also has self-cleaning properties.

Level switches are highly priced in most mechanical operations. Whether it is in a cargo ship or a factory, level switches endure a lot of strain that’s why it is necessary to invest in good equipment.


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