Do It Yourself: Basic Plumbing for Drains Repair

plumbing services in singaporeHousehold owners in Singapore avail of plumbing services mostly due to the leakage and clogging of bathroom and kitchen fixtures. These nightmares occur every now and then at unexpected hours of the day. But it is very fortunate that plumbing services in Singapore offer their assistance 24/7. However, you can always do it yourself if you want to get down and dirty. So here is the most common plumbing problem and the effective ways on how to repair it:

Unclogging the drain can be done by using household items. These remedies apply to all types of drain whether it is in the toilet, bathtub, shower area, and sink.


Baking Soda and Vinegar
1. Mix the baking soda and vinegar.
2. Pour the mixture down the drain.
3. Pour as much as a dipper of water.
4. Plunge the drain.

If the clog goes up and the water goes down, you’ve done it. Otherwise, continue with the next remedy.


Caustic Soda (Warning: Direct contact can cause chemical burns. Always wear protective gear when using this chemical.)
1. Put on some eye protection and rubber gloves.
2. Pour ¾ gallons of cold water and 3 cups of caustic soda.
3. Stir the mixture.
4. Pour it into the drain and leave it for 30 minutes.
5. After 30 minutes, pour boiling water into the drain.

Check for signs of clogging by opening the faucet or pouring in some water. If the water does not go down the drain, you have to go on further and try the next.


Bendable Thin Wire
1. Create a small hook at the end of the wire.
2. Insert the wire with the small hook going in first.
3. Pull and push the wire inside the drain.
4. Check if the small hook has caught something.
5. If yes, try again for another set of pull and push.

For clogged sink drains, another option is by removing the U-shaped metal pipe underneath the sink which is called p-trap.


Pipe Removal
1. Get a wrench, teflon tape, duct tape (optional), and a pail.
2.. Place the pail underneath pipes.
3. Unscrew both of the slip nuts that hold the p-trap.
4. (Optional) To avoid scratches on the slip nuts, put duct tape on the wrench.
5. Drain the water from the p-trap.
6. Remove the clog from the p-trap. Clean it thoroughly with water and strong detergent.

This concludes the ways on how you can DIY the drains of your water fixtures at home. They are easy to follow and require minimum time and effort to get the job done. Just follow these instructions and have your drains clogged-free!


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