Easy Ways to Make Your Butter Cookie a Lot More Fun

Don’t you just love butter cookies? They’re yummy, they’re healthy, and making them is so easy. And just when you think it can’t get any better, yes, you guessed it. You can actually make your butter cookie better.

How? Check out these simple but fun butter cookie options. (If you don’t know how to make butter cookies yet, find a simple baking recipe here.)

With chocolate toffee bits


After preparing the butter cookie dough with the basic ingredients, add about half a cup of chocolate toffee bits (or chocolate chips) into the mixture. Mix well, then shape the dough into small pieces about 1 inch thick. Place them separately on a baking sheet or pan, then flatten with the bottom of a glass dipped in or sprinkled with sugar.


Melt two (2) tablespoons of butter in a saucepan over low heat. Slowly add about two cups of sugar (or more), one cup at a time. Stir and mix well. Add a little hot water once in a while until the mixture is smooth, but not too thin to lose the flavor.


Double the fun by sprinkling the newly frosted cookies with candy sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, nonpareil, or any other decorative confectionery.
Chocolate-coated or dipped


Grab some chocolate, preferably dark chocolate, and melt it in a saucepan. Get your baked butter cookie and pour some chocolate on top, dip it in chocolate and let it dry, or eat it like chocolate fondue. Your options are limitless.


This is probably the easiest on the list. Once you’ve sliced and shaped your dough, place them on the baking pan or sheet. Sprinkle some powdered sugar on each piece, then bake them in the oven.


This is similar to the sugar-raised butter cookies. Before putting the dough in the oven, cover them with candy or chocolate sprinkles, then flatten lightly with the bottom of a glass.


Which one is your favorite? Do you have other fun butter cookie variants that you can share with us? Do let us know in your comments.

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