How to Be an Efficient Mobile App Developer

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It is truly amazing how a single electronic device can help us out all throughout the day on many tasks and activities that we do. Smartphones nowadays are so convenient due to the number of applications that you can download that have many different uses that can be a big help for the users. There are many applications that are used in a daily basis just like social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram, and other applications that can help us do tasks which are usually done through a computer such as working on spreadsheets, printing out documents, and even sending emails. That is why here in Singapore, mobile app developers are quite the in demand profession. This may be due to the fact that a lot of companies in Singapore need apps developer as an attempt to bring their business online, while being mobile friendly at the same time.

But of course, the job itself requires extensive knowledge in various programming languages, specially ones that are concerned in terms of making programs or software for smartphones. If ever you have a background on creating software applications for mobile phones or even if you are just interested in learning how to do so, this article can provide you some tips on how you can be an efficient mobile application developer. Here are some things that you need to consider that you application needs to have in order for it to be useful for the consumers:

Functionality – Before you release or sell your application to the market, it is best for you to fully test things out as much as possible. This is to avoid any kind of errors that the user may experience due to a bug or glitch in the application which is something that can affect the user experience. Releasing a beta application for test users would be an ideal method to find and get rid of all the bugs or errors that the users may experience.

Design – It does not really have to be designed heavily but it should also not be so minimalistic that it is not appealing to use anymore. A great way to design your application is to start with making a layout of all the possible options or buttons your application will have and finalize it. Then from there, that is the best time you can visualize the design for it. Remember to not use fonts that are hard to read and make sure that there will be no problem with the color that you are using for the text and the background. In addition, it also must be memory friendly where loading the design should not take too much of the mobile phone’s CPU or other resources to ensure that the design would not impact its performance.

User friendly – Even if you application is perfectly designed and is fully functional, if it is not user friendly then the amount of its users may actually decrease. Without knowing how to properly navigate throughout the application or if the users have a lot of trouble trying to get to the right option on the application, it may really affect the end user experience – leading to them uninstalling the application. It can really be hard to deal with an application that you have no idea how to use, so implementing a quick guide or hints on the application specially for the first time users can really be helpful – as long as it should come with the options on how you can disable them at the same time.

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