Elements of Fun Hotels in Singapore

If you want to spice up your stay in Singapore, staying in a really fun hotel will definitely level up your vacation. In this article, we list down some of the elements you should look for when booking accommodations in the city-state.

fun hotel

  • Ideal Location

Possibly the most essential element of a hotel is its location. Location means a great deal because not only will it mean convenience but the hotel’s address can also influence your stay. Staying in a particular neighbourhood in Singapore will give off a certain feel. For example, hotels near in Clarke Quay give off a very young professional atmosphere whereas staying in Chinatown gives off a very old Singapore vibe. Plus, hotels located near public transport are a must for those wanting to explore the city.

  • Fun Rooms

One way Singapore hotels can express its modern and trendy energy is through their rooms. Having a unique room is definitely a conversation starter and it will definitely set your expectations for the rest of your trip. A popular trend going on is loft hotels in Singapore. It gives hotel guests more room and helps separate bedrooms and living quarters to offer a more comfortable stay for their guests. Other ways boutique hotels differentiate themselves is by customising each room based on a theme.

  • Unique Hotel Facilities

The great thing about staying in a young and hip hotel is its facilities. It still has the facilities of established hotel chains but it also offers a different spin to these tried and tested facilities. From 24/7 hotel gyms to in-room nespresso machines, it offers guests more than a place to rest their head after a long day in the town. These unique hotel facilities offer a very fun alternative to common hotel facilities that will certainly add another fun element to your stay in the country.

  • Proximity to Restaurants and Shops

Dining in Singapore is a must. Whether you have Singaporean dishes in a hawker centre or in an upscale restaurant, it is something you don’t want to miss out on during your trip. Aside from being located in an atmospheric neighbourhood and close to public transport, having a close proximity to restaurants and shopping malls are a great perk of staying in a fun hotel. This gives you a chance to dine near your hotel without having to go far from your hotel after a long day exploring. Shopping is also another thing you don’t want to forget in the country.

Looking for a fun hotel in Singapore with your significant other or your group of friends wouldn’t be complicated so long as you keep these factors in mind before booking your hotel. Best of all, it will be the perfect backdrop of a very memorable and enjoyable trip.

What do you prioritise when looking for a hotel? If you have any tips or recommendations to share, please leave a comment on the comments section below. We’d love to find out your tips and recommendations.

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