Elements of a Noticeable Business Signage

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Signage is one of the most effective marketing tools for any kind of business. It had been used for numbers of decades in business industry. Signage is the way of businesspeople to promote their brand to people who will see it. However, not all signage can be effective, especially if it is not noticeable. To help you out, below are the elements you should consider to come up with a noticeable signage for your business.


Before thinking of a design, keep in mind that the result should be as simple as possible as like what the clichés say, “Less is more”, and “Simplicity is beauty”. Make it look formal to represent your brand well. It will not only be your tool to introduce your business to people that can turn into your potential clients, but also to remind your current customers that your business still exist and you are always ready to serve them your products and services. If you put many things on your signage like graphics or too much information, it might be hard for people to notice the name of your business or its logo.

Grab a piece of paper and make a draft of what do you like your signage to look like. Remember to put only the essential information about your business, remember that it is just a signage with just limited space. If your signage is noticeable, it will be the reason why people will come in to your shop and discover what it can offer. Most popular details that business owners put on signage are their business’ name, and contact information such as its address, telephone number, and website. According to experts, signages in singapore can look better if it consists of 40% text and leave the 60% to be blank.

Font type and size

No matter how big or small a signage, it should do its purpose, which is to promote the business and attract customers to make the business successful. Moreover, one way to make sure that the signage will be effective is that it is legible and can be read by people who will see it. The signage must not only be easy to see but also easy to read and understand. According to sign makers Singapore, the legibility of the signage is determined by its colour, size, and type of font used for the text used. Avoid choosing type of font that is too decorative like the cursive ones because it might be hard to read and just choose maximum of two font types. An effective signage is clearly legible even from a distance even if they are reception signages.


Colour is one of the most important elements of a signage, which can make or break the appearance of any type of signage. Make sure that colours of the background, graphics, especially the text will complement with each other. Bright colours can easily capture anyone’s eyes but do not overuse it because it might not look good. Remember that colours on the colour wheel that are next to each other are not good to combine and it is difficult to read. In addition, avoid choosing colours that are not opposite on the colour wheel. If you want black to be your background colour, choose white or other light colour for the text and graphics.


Graphics that have correct combination of colours can attract anyone’s attention. However, do not put too much graphics on your signage. It is advisable that only your business’ logo is the only graphics that is included in your signage. Most people have better memory in seeing pictures instead of words, which means that they might not remember a brand through its name but they will remember it once they saw the business logo. Just ensure that the image of your logo is in high quality, so it will not be pixilated if it will be resized. In addition, the colours of the graphics must look good with the colour of texts and signage’s background colour.

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