Everything You Need to Know About Belly Dance During Pregnancy

Belly dance class Singapore has gain its popularity because of the numerous benefits it can give. It had been not only popular for people who want to lose weight or improve their postures, but it also gain the attention and interest of pregnant women. However, during pregnancy, women should be cautious in everything they do. If you decided to take belly dance class during your pregnancy, you should make yourself knowledgeable about it. Below are the things you should know including its benefits, suitable movements, and precautions to avoid harming you and your baby.



  • Strengthen pelvic floor and abdominal muscles
  • Reduce tension, stress, and anxiety
  • Feel positive about body image that can boost self-confidence and enhance self-esteem
  • Promote and improve body posture
  • Help maintain healthy weight and general fitness during pregnancy
  • Prevent and relieve hip pain and backache
  • Improve flexibility and tone muscles
  • Promote good coordination and core balance
  • Help posterior baby to move off the pregnant women’s back
  • Improve abdominal control to prevent constipation and gas
  • Help build innate connection between the mother and the baby
  • Increase rib cage mobility and breathing capacity

pregnant bellydancer


In doing belly dancing lessons, not all movements are suitable for pregnant women, like doing any other form of dance or exercise. Bellydance Singapore schools have professional dancers and teachers, which is why they know what movements are suitable for pregnant and which are not. However, women should know the restricted movements including shimmies to avoid doing it because remember they are restricted for certain reasons.  Belly dance movements, which are suitable for pregnant women according to experts, are the ones that involve undulating, slow, and rolling motions. These suggested movements include vertical figure eight, horizontal figure eight, chest circles, and hip circles. There are also movements that are useful to encourage the baby to be in the ideal lying position during labour and birth, which are called belly flutter and camel. The isolation of muscles is involved in doing belly dancing lessons that can be helpful while giving birth, which needs abdominal muscle and pelvic floor stronger. The capability of relaxing muscles, while contracting the ones that should be involved can make labour easier.


precaution for women who will take belly dancing classes


Although you can take the belly dancing Singapore lessons at home by following instructional DVDs, it is safer and recommendable to take it where professionals can teach you. To ensure that all the lessons you will take and all the movements are appropriate and suitable for pregnant women like you, have an assistance from people who are knowledgeable and professional. Aside from this, below are different precautions and guidelines you should keep in mind once you decided to enrol in a belly dance class Singapore.

  • Seek advice of your doctor before taking any lessons of any kind of dance including belly dance
  • Be gentle to your body and never force it especially if you feel discomfort or pain while doing dance movements
  • Avoid taking dance classes during hot days that might cause overheat and dehydration
  • Keep it natural when doing the movements and avoid forcing your body
  • If you feel dizziness or pain, stop dancing
  • Make sure to give your body the amount of rest it needs
  • Avoid dance movements that includes back bends and sharp movements

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