Eye Glass Trends This 2014

Now that February if coming to a close, the first quarter of 2014 may almost be over, but trends in everything never really stops changing. One of the hottest accessories to date is still eyewear, so as much as clothes or shoes may trend from the time to time, it isn’t really that all different with eye glasses and sunglasses.

A lot of eye glasses, whether it is for fashion or prescription, are already available in a very wide variety of shapes, designs, shades and forms. One of which are eco-friendly glasses, which highly promotes not only fashion but also the importance of living green and participating in such as sustainable movement. Such companies are responsible for making great looking eye glasses but they carry this advocacy of reducing ‘eyewear waste’, almost to the point of reusing them and making them into new pairs. A lot of celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, Kirsten Dunst and Anne Hathaway have been seen wearing these super-hot bifocals.

Eco glasses are now getting its own makeover to be able to achieve that au natural look even on its frames. From wood to recycled acetate, thistype of eyewear comes back to life with fancy looks and designs. You would usually get them in two toned, sometimes faded, but other still bright colors.

Frames get even funkier with different looks based on different inspirations; Take for example, the Instagram look, the Mathematical look, or even the Prada look. There’s a special theme for every pair of eyeglasses, and you are in control of how you want your look to be.

These eyewear trends may come, and who knows when they will soon fade away like any other trend. Still, at present, it’s going to be a mirror of yourself, no matter what your age is.

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