Five Places You Never Knew Existed in Singapore

Have you ever been to Singapore? This country is one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia. In 2011 alone, 13 million people visited the Lion City either for business or pleasure.  It is a modern metropolis filled with infrastructure that can rival that of Dubai or Hong Kong. You cannot go wrong when you visit Singapore. It is the place to be.

If you will be visiting Singapore for the first time, then you must know the top places to visit in Singapore. As mentioned earlier, there are lots of places to go to. The country is, after all, known for giving importance to culture, history, the arts and the environment. In Singapore, tourist places to visit can range from night markets and parks to museums and theme parks. Even though the country is small, there are dozens of places to go to and dozens more to do. If you go to the top places to visit in Singapore, you will not get bored. You will have a good time in Singapore. Tourist places to visit? Below is a list of the top five places you never knew existed in this city-state.


Sentosa is a large island located at the south of Singapore. It is an entertainment hub. You can go to Sentosa via ferry and spend an entire day just going around the island and doing various activities found in the island. You can visit Fort Siloso, Underwater World Aquarium and Resorts World Sentosa.

Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

Do you want to explore different habitats at night? Many zoos provide a night safari experience but what differentiates Singapore Zoo and Night Safari from other night safaris is the fact that there are no visible barriers between guests and the animals. You will get to have a real and safe experience in the wild.

Hawker Centers

How about trying authentic food while you are in Singapore? There are Malay and Chinese hawker stalls in Singapore. Malay stalls sell also sell Tamil or Chinese food and vise versa. Some stalls also sell Indian cuisine.  Some sell food incorporating the taste and ingredients from these three cultures. Other stalls sell food with Western variation.

Shopping Centers

If you plan to shop in Singapore, you should know that there are many to choose from. You can visit Orchard Road for expensive luxury products. You can visit Bugis Street, Chinatown and Little India for a more frugal shopping experience. You may even find the best bargains out there.

Gardens by the Bay

This new attraction is a sight to see. Manmade trees reach the sky. Various gardens and parks surround the vast space. You can have a walk or read a good book. You can separate yourself from the chaos of the city and aim for a more relaxing vacation.




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