Gift Items You Can Buy From a Flower Shop

Whatever the event or the occasion is, you can definitely buy all the gifts that you like from a flower shop. It is great that most flower shops nowadays are also selling items other than flowers which can be very helpful for people who are purchasing gifts for their friends and loved ones. If you are wondering what gift items you can buy from a flower shop, below are some examples.

Flower arrangement

If you visit an online flower shop of course you can see different flower arrangements which you can purchase for your significant other for your anniversary or send it to your friend who have been promoted in her work. There are different types of flower arrangements you can find and the most popular one is the flower bouquet. But you might want to consider buying preserved flowers from the best flower shop in Manila because it wouldn’t die even after weeks, months, or even after several years. It is a purchase that is definitely worth it.


Hampers are great gifts during Christmas, housewarming, or even when you just want to make someone know that you miss them. There are different hampers you can purchase from an affordable flower shop in Makati and it will depend on you what you want to send to your special someone. Hampers contain different kinds of foods and snacks that will surely be enjoyed by the recipient. Some hampers have themes which can be great if the recipient of the gift loves eating chocolate, or baking, or just want to eat snacks while watching good movies. Check the products included in the hampers so you can decide which one you should purchase.

Cakes and chocolates

Cakes and chocolates are perfect addition when you want to send gifts to a person who celebrates her birthday. Aside from giving flower bouquet, you can also purchase cakes or chocolates and avail flower delivery in Makati so it will be sent to the birthday celebrant. Choose the favourite cake flavour of the recipient or you can just choose to give box of chocolates available in different variants.  The birthday celebrant will surely be surprised once the flowers and the cake will be delivered in her doorstep.


Perfume is another great addition when giving flowers to a special someone. You can give it to your family members or to your significant other. Check the available perfumes in the flower shop and choose the one that you think will be liked by the recipient. If you know the recipient’s favourite perfume then you are lucky because you wouldn’t need to guess. But if you don’t have any idea about the scent of the perfumes, you can always research about it.

Stuffed toys

Another gift item that you can buy from a flower shop is the stuffed toys. Give it with a bouquet of flowers which can make your gesture even more romantic. The recipient can display it in her room and will be reminded of you whenever she sees your gift. You can also check if the flower shop sells stuffed toys that already come with a bouquet of flowers so you can save money.

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