How to be an Awesome Home Tutor

There are many things that you can do with what you know. One of the best is sharing them –by means of being a tutor. As more methods of communication are being developed and widely used, there also comes a growing number of ways to share knowledge, and assist other people in learning.

Home tutoring is one of them. Aside from being able to help students learn and do better in their studies, you can also do it online and earn money in the comfort of your own home.

Here are some tips on how to become an awesome home tutor, and make home tuition singapore awesome for you.

  1. Research.


Familiarize yourself with the laws about tutoring in the area where you intend to teach. Study the curriculum as well.
Be an expert.


Were you an English major? Are you a Math wiz? Is Science your kind of thing?


Concentrate on where you’re good at and demonstrate it. Write articles, a blog, or maybe even books; or be a presenter or speaker in seminars.
Build a reputation.


Create accounts in home tutoring sites, advertise yourself, and participate in online forums. Talk to people you know and tell them about your service. Build a name for yourself not just in your field of expertise, but also in the home tutoring community.
Be approachable and interesting.


It is important to make your student comfortable with you and interested in what you have to say. This helps facilitate a better learning experience and allows students to better understand what you are teaching. Needless to say, bring a lot of patience in every lesson.
Understand your student.


Teaching is listening as much as talking. Observe and find out what your student needs, as well as the topics that s/he has a harder time understanding. Design your lessons and approaches based on your student’s learning abilities and habits.

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