How to Select Accommodations for a Family Vacation

Family vacations require a lot of advance planning if you want them to go over smoothly. If you leave the smallest details unplanned, there is room for complete disaster. The younger your children are, the more true this statement becomes. Yet, there is also plenty room for disaster with teenagers who think they know it all and tweens fighting for more independence. The solution is always to plan ahead of time so your vacation is as enjoyable as possible.

One of the most important decisions you have to make is where you will stay. Will you spoil the family and go for the oceanside Bali villa, or will you try to play it conservative and go for a less luxurious hotel? It is tempting to make this decision based on your budget, but there is far more to think about here.

Your accommodations will either keep your children comfortable, or will ensure misery for all. There typically isn’t a middle ground when it comes to a family vacation. If you choose wrong, then you are setting the entire family up for drama and conflict.

In order to satisfy the family and keep everyone comfortable and in a good mood, you have to think about all of the following when choosing your accommodations:

  • Overall space
  • Sleeping arrangement
  • Televisions and entertainment
  • Noise
  • Shower and grooming space

Consider how much space you will have in the entire hotel or villa. How many rooms will there be, and how many beds will be available? Can you have a crib put in the room if you are traveling with a baby, or will you need to pack along a portable pen? Will there be adequate access to bathrooms so everyone can use the restroom and shower as needed?

If you have family members how like to watch television and others who like to read, you may want to make sure there will be ways to separate the noise from the rest of your family. Just as you have rooms where family members can retire to do their own thing at home, you want everyone to have the same luxury on vacation. It is the best way to prevent conflict over the course of the vacation.

In most cases, you will find that paying more for the oceanview Bali villa or the upscale Bali pool villas is the best option for your family. These villas are far more comfortable than small hotel rooms. They offer more rooms, and some even give rooms already set up for children. You will have the space you need to spread out, so you are all in a great mood when you head out to explore Bali together.

Remember, you have to get the accommodations right if you are to enjoy your family vacation. There are many other things that you must plan ahead to make a family vacation go over smoothly, but you should worry about accommodations first. You can then determine how much of your budget remains to work on entertainment and shopping trips during your vacation.


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