Humanity’s Ever Changing Sex Lives

Sex is perhaps one of human’s greatest fascination.

Most of us are familiar with the great Indian literature, the Kamasutra. Maybe it’s safe to say that it is one, if not the oldest, ‘type’ of pornography. Whether you’ve seen it or not, it never fails to spark your curiosity, right? Well, just to clarify, I didn’t really mean to classify Kamasutra as a pornographic item. According to scholar write-ups, its purpose was to aid couples achieve the highest level of sexual pleasure.

Moving forward to year 2014, human’s fascination with sex has remained the same; although this time around, there a lot of avenues to explore and different ways of expressing it has been slowly moving out of taboo.

Sex toys, for instance, has grown popular over the past years. More have been openly discussing on their preferences and ideals when it comes the perfect sex toy for them. Gone are the days when you only see these adult toys in pornographic movies.

Compared to the westerners, Asians are quite reserved when it comes to this topic. Perhaps the ease of access to adult materials paved way for the newer generations to be more adventurous when it comes to pleasuring themselves. Singapore sex toys, for instance have grown popular, most especially in the last decade. The clamor for these toys are continuously growing. Although, still, the Asian conservatism is still present, but the market is slowly opening up.

Sex toys Singapore may not be as openly aggressive and vulgar as those that are available on the other side of the globe, but it will slowly catch-up. At present, the demands remain on the basics like dildos, lubes, hand cuffs—things that you can categorize on tier 1. Who knows in the near future, orders for a real doll, perhaps a version of Maria Ozawa, might be coming up soon.

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