Importance of Lifeboat and Life Raft

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So, Chinese New Year is around the corner and you might be thinking where to spend the celebration or simply just thinking of what would be the best thing to do to celebrate it. Of course, some people may have already thought of having a night out, drinking with friends or a romantic evening with their loved one. But you know what a better idea is? Cruising. Well spending time traveling on a cruise ship is one of the best luxuries that we all need to experience at least once. Although some people would prefer not to, due to the fact that they are scared of being in the middle of a sea or ocean.

Well, everyone has their own preference, of course. But for some people who are worried about their safety on a cruise ship or just ships in general, they simply just need to know what to do in times of danger. For instance, you can easily escape fire breakout by following fire escape routes or exits and by following an evacuation process. But how do we actually evacuate from a ship that is burning? Obviously, you have a choice of waiting for the fire to be put out by the ship safety crews or any response team who are responsible for keeping everyone else’s safety, or you can get yourself to the nearest lifeboat or life raft that can be a very huge help in your survival. Aside from the basic knowledge of how to properly use a lifeboat, we must also ensure that we coordinate properly with those who will be needing assistance first. For example, elderly, children, and pregnant women. They must be our priority in terms of safety. But as for the function, a lifeboat must be properly maintained by a lifeboat service technician who can check up on its routine lifeboat maintenance to figure out if the lifeboat needs repair.

The reason why lifeboats and life rafts are important is due to the fact that we cannot really survive that long in the sea in case a tragedy may happen. Aside from the lifeboat functioning properly to save numerous lives, this can also give the passengers or travelers a peace of mind that their cruise ship is fully equipped with all means of precaution in case of unavoidable disasters. A lifeboat or a lift raft’s use is not only limited to the ship’s passengers but also to other travelers in distress. For instance, it can also be used to rescue other people from other shipwrecks, helping them transport into the ship. Lifeboats and life rafts are good means of short transportation in the sea so it can really be useful not just in rescuing but also in some other things.

Well, having the access to a lifeboat or life raft is one thing. You should also know how to properly use it; specifically how to lower or deploy a lifeboat from a ship. Believe it or not, there are also different types of lifeboat and they have their own specific uses. Being familiar with how they work could really be a turning point in saving your life or someone else’s.

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