Importance of Enrolling Kids in a Preschool in Singapore

Enrolling a child in a preschool in Singapore marks the start of their early childhood education.

You probably have been asking yourself, is it worth it to take your child to school this early? Should you wait for another year? Should you just teach them from home?

To help you sort things out, we’ll try to cover answers to these questions on this post. We’ll talk about reasons why you should invest in your child’s preschool education. We’ll also talk about the value of your active involvement in the process.

Let’s get started!


Building the Foundation of Your Child’s Education

Your role as parents is crucial on your child’s first learning experiences. Your encouragement and support goes a long way to helping kids succeed as they step into formal schooling later on.

If kids see how eager and happy you are to see them join their class, they are also more likely to adapt a positive impression toward preschool. You need to be willing to let go of your kids so they can explore on their own, even at a young age.

Kids need the skills and knowledge they will be able to develop during preschool years. The training they get exposed to during their early years in school  can as well impact their behavior outside of class.

If before, preschool children are only expected to learn the basics such as counting, color recognition, and alphabet, today there a lot more things they are introduced to.

Kids are taught the values of teamwork and collaboration, without them even noticing it. It’s all because fun is always incorporated in the Singapore preschool programmes.


From Speech Development to Building Relationships

At home, kids are used to seeing only familiar faces. Perhaps once in a while you let their friends come over. But more often than not, it’s only you and your child spending time together.

There is nothing wrong with this especially that they’d set out on their own soon. However, it helps that kids are able to learn how to work with others at a young age. This is one benefit to enrolling them in a preschool class. They get to meet new friends in their peers and teachers.

Also, at around the age of three, children are still learning to improve their speech.

You need to encourage them to interact with others and grasp the concept of words and language. Sure it is a lengthy process. But with experienced instructors providing the young ones assistance, and with your help of course, you will see improvement in your child’s speech.

Doesn’t it feel great to see your child learn more words day by day?


Seeking Professional Help in Educating the Little Ones

Nothing will change the fact that you are and will always be your child’s number one teacher. However, you also would need the guidance and advice from professionals to ensuring you’re doing it the right way.

Enrolling your child in  preschools in Singapore will also help make sure they’re being taught the skills they need, according to their learning style. It will not only benefit the little ones in the long run.  This is also an opportunity for you to get to know your kids even more and help them learn better.

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