Importance of Maintenance Services

Technological advancement in the construction industry has produced high quality equipment. Before, construction sites require more manpower services to carry out the work. Today, construction work has become more efficient with the help of automated machines. We have excavators to dig dirt, dredge and carry pipes and smaller equipment. Bulldozers help push or move dirt along a wide tract of land. And cranes help lift heavy objects from one point to another. While reducing occupational risks, machines helped save work and lag time. Even so, machines are not invincible. No one is. Like humans, it needs constant care, full protection and proper maintenance.

Construction companies, for example, deal with a lot of heavy equipment in varying sizes and use.  To maintain its optimum use and function, machines like bulldozer, excavator, tractor, backhoe loader, and crane require maintenance services.

Types of Maintenance Services

Singapore offers varied refurbishment services for heavy equipment like crane. Depending on your budget and purpose, maintenance management can be categorized into three (3).

  • Preventive Maintenance Inspection

This maintenance procedure identifies risks and improvement opportunities. Every machine requires different and unique refurbishment processes. Maintenance providers who are experts in this field provide tailor-fit preventive maintenance as recommended by the specific manufacturers of the equipment.

  • Routine Maintenance

Routinary maintenance measures involve spare parts adjustment and lubricating procedures based on the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.  Routine maintenance is usually done once every three months or as necessary depending on the extent of usage of the machine.

  • Compliance Inspections

Unlike the preventive and routine maintenance, compliance inspections require help from trained inspectors and technicians. This type of maintenance measures are designed to satisfy regularly requirements. Each country has their own guidelines and protocols on doing compliance inspection like availing third party contractors.

Importance of Maintenance Services

But why do we invest to refurbishment services? Why machines like crane do require regular maintenance?

Here are the top 3 reasons why maintenance services should be done regularly.

  1. Fast and efficient functioning

In a construction industry that heavily relies on heavy equipment, machines are used 24/7. Like any other machines, excessive use may cause overheating or malfunctioning. If the machine goes wrong, work efficiency declines. To prevent such incident, regular maintenance is advised to maintain fast and efficient use of the equipment. It is important to check the equipment before and after using to be able to take care of the minor errors. While maintaining safety, regular maintenance also reduces the cost of repair.

  1. Sustain life span

Machines require regular maintenance because machines wear and tear. Naturally, heavy equipment stops functioning through time. To maintain its maximum life span, maintenance provider encourages companies to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions and to keep the equipment regularly checked before and after using.

  1. Prevent Accidents

Among other things, construction companies value safety first. When you experience minor error, it is important to have it checked immediately to prevent any further damage. Regular maintenance may be costly but you may incur larger cost if accidents happen. Following safety signs and signals and maintenance procedures would save cost and save lives.

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