Interior Design in Singapore That Creates More Space

Do you have a small living space, but want to explore if there is more usability within the dynamics of your living area? Are you looking for creative ways to incorporate closets, shelving, and other needed storage areas for your most important things? Is it time to make a change in your home’s interior structure because there seems to be too much clutter? Interior design in Singapore can help you discover new usable space within your current interior to give you the exact room presentation that you desire.


Put More of Yourself Out There With New Recessed Shelving

One of the most popular concepts of interior design in Singapore right now are recessed shelves. Rather than having a plain wall that you can hang artwork on, an interior design professional can design a unique recessed bookcase that can display your treasured books, wonderful works of art, and anything else you’d want to place on display. For an extra touch, recessed lighting can also be included in the creation of the recessed shelving so that you can create a dynamic display for your home or business. You won’t believe how much new space just one recessed bookshelf could create!


Include Furniture That Has More Than One Function

One of the most creative ways to use your existing interior space is to include furniture pieces that have a dual function. For small rooms, homes, or reception areas especially, these multi-purpose furniture pieces can create more useable space simply because they can replace two, three, or even more different pieces of furniture that are cluttering up your space right now! Despite their multi-functional purpose, you won’t need to sacrifice comfort or quality when you take advantage of a great concept of interior design in Singapore.


Color Can Add Much Depth To Any Room

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to create more space in a room is to change the colorization of that room. Colors that are dark and brooding can make it feel like the room is closing in on someone. Lighter colors, on the other hand, can create the illusion of more open space. Combine lighter colors with changes to how a room is lighted and any room can be turned into something inviting.


Darker rooms can also be inviting if warm tones are incorporated into the room. If you prefer having dark walls, having honey colored furniture can help to brighten up the usable space you have. Rugs can add a splash of color to virtually any floor. Unique overhead lighting options can help to spread more light across a room as well, eliminating any shadows that could be making the space seem more claustrophobic than it really is.


Could Your Room Use More Open Space?

Every room is unique, but every room also has at least one area where you could create more open space. Whether you need to add a small closet, a recessed shelving unit, or you just want to change the color profile of your room, a professional interior design consultant can help make your dreams a reality. Contact us today if you’re looking for interior design in Singapore – we’ll be happy to bring life to your vision!

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