Introducing the Different Sectors of the IT-BPO in the Philippines

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In the Philippines, the Information technology-business process outsourcing or IT-BPO is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing industry. In celebration of the Chinese New Year, why don’t we have a quick look at how far we have come since the introduction of this industry in our country?

From 1992, starting from the establishment of a single contact center, IT jobs in the Philippines have shown significant growth and the country eventually became one of the most promising prospects for the BPO Industry.

The challenges of maintaining internal resources, especially for small and medium-sized businesses with limited budgets paved the way for many organizations to utilize the concept of staff augmentation and contact managed services provider in order to minimize their costs.  The Philippines has since become one of the leading outsourcing industry since then.

However, unknown to most outsiders, the BPO industry has many subsectors and is not limited to call center jobs. Here are some:

Call Centers

Perhaps the most popular sector of the BPO industry, up until now, you may still come across people who views the industry as synonymous to call centers alone. A call centre or call center is a centralised office used for receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone. There are two types of call centers:

According to Wikipedia, “An inbound call centre is operated by a company to administer incoming product support or information enquiries from consumers.”

Meanwhile, outbound call centres are operated for telemarketing, solicitation of charitable or political donations, debt collection and market research.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing and Back Offices

“Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services are often called “non-voice” or back office services,” says Wikipedia. In the Philippines, it referring to activities outside contact center, customer and IT support services. In 2014, the KPO sector comprised 40 percent of the country’s outsourcing industry. animation

Software Development Outsourcing

“Software development is the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components,” says Wikipedia. Some of the services offered  in this sector are 1) Developer Staff Leasing; 2).NET Application Development; 3) PHP Development, 4) Database Design and Programming; 4) Application Development for Mobile Devices; 5)  Java, C++, C#, Visual Basic; and 6) Social Networking Application.

Game Development Outsourcing

Game development in the Philippines has progressed in the last couple of years. As a result, more foreign companies are outsourcing their game development operations to experienced Filipino developers in the Philippines. However, it may be true that as of now, outsourcing constitutes the bulk of local game developers’ work but it may not be too far from now when the country starts developing their own games from start to finish.

Engineering Design Outsourcing

Engineering outsourcing solutions has a wide range of expertise across multiple industries related to engineering. It could range form automotive, industrial, machinery, manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare, construction, software/hardware and related industry segments.

Medical Transcription

Medical transcriptionist are one of the most in demand in the BPO industry in the Philippines because the requirements for the job is not very specific. Transcribers listen to the recorded materials of a medical professional and then transcribe the audio recordings into diagnostic test results, referral letters, operative reports, and other documents.

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