Here Is How To Make IT Consulting Firms Look for You

it staff hiring in manila

If you are in the Philippines or anywhere else, you would know that it is that time of the year again when a lot of new graduates are starting to pass their resumes to different companies, right? Well, if we would want to be inclusive, a lot of college students are passing resumes and sending out applications either for a first job or for internship. That is totally normal. Thus, a lot of companies today must be busy screening them. This means that if you are one of the hundreds of students wanting to be picked so you get that on-the-job training or to be employed, you would need to step up your game.


What Are My Chances?

So, let us focus on an industry that is at boom today. The Information Technology (IT) field. We know that computers are everywhere today. When we say everywhere we mean in every place even in the palm of your hands.

As IT is concerned with the exchange, management, and exchange of data over a shared network and a lot of companies rely on it for their transactions, it is but really needed to hire professionals in the field. People with skills. Technical skills as this is just more than tinkering on a laptop, right?

Though we know that there are probably hundreds of IT experts out there, we still cannot just hire anybody. These applicants need to prove that they can do the job and that they are really going to be good at it. A huge business operation would be at stake here.  So, if you plan to be employed or to be absorbed by one of your dream IT consulting company firms, what do you need to do in order to be considered as a potential candidate for IT staff hiring in Manila?


Be This, Not That

Now, we can bet that you are already probably being all too excited so take down notes as we give you tips on how to beat hundreds of others and make any IT company in the Philippines want you.

First, be presentable. Look good, dress good, and smell good. Start with your resume. Experiment on different formats and colours. Do not be boring! There are no standard resume formats so, be creative here. The goal is to make them eye your piece of paper first. Use professional photos.

Second, emphasise your skills. Use your resume as an advertising tool. Be specific. What particular skills do you know? How long have you been doing them? Do you have clients or persons who can attest to it? Include them there.

Third, be sure you include all the necessary and m only relevant seminars or trainings in your resume. Aside that technology continuously grow, employers would need to see if you are able to cope with the changes. They want applicants who can contribute not only fresh ideas but even fresh methods and processes.

Lastly, make sure your contact details work. Include an email address that is easy to remember too. Not too fancy, you are not advertising a social media page here.

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