The Many Benefits of Physiotherapy

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When people’s body feel the need to engage in therapeutic exercises for several health reasons, physiotherapy is always the best resort. By definition, physiotherapy  “can be defined as a treatment method that focuses on the science of movement and helps people to restore, maintain and maximize their physical strength, function, motion and overall well-being by addressing the underlying physical issues,” as the article titled What is Physiotherapy posted at would aptly define it.

People who experienced injuries and need to regain their muscular strength or want to improve joint mobilization can definitely benefit from physiotherapy. Even those who have been suffering from arthritis, aftermath of stroke, Parkinson’s disease, among others are advised to see a licensed physiotherapist. Jamie, who experienced severe headache and neck pain for a couple of years, opted to consult a physiotherapist to help relieve the recurring pain, “I didn’t know what was triggering the neck pain and I figured even the headaches are a bit more frequent that it started to bother me. With the help of my physiotherapist, I was able to have regular therapeutic exercises that lessened the painful attacks.  I also noticed how I became calmer and more even tempered because those sessions helped me to deal with stress and pressure better. It appeared like physiotherapy both healed me physically and emotionally as well. I became less grumpy and had better moods ever since maybe because our body really need right movements to fulfill what it is made to do in the first place. If you think about it, early man had to walk regularly in search for food, and with our lifestyle today where we often just sit on our desk, damage can really happen with our body when we live a sedentary lifestyle.”

Aside from those mentioned above, physiotherapy can also help on:

  • Back pain
  • Upper limb conditions (which includes elbow, hand, wrist and  shoulder)
  • Lower limb problems ( hip, ankle, foot, groin)
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Correcting Posture

Apparently, even young patients with sensitive conditions can benefit from physiotherapy too, “For children suffering from cerebral palsy, physiotherapy is essential in helping to reduce spasticity and deformity, improving postural control, teaching children how to use assistive devices and doing all that is necessary to maximise the child’s functional independence. We will also educate the family so they can help carryover what the child has learned during therapy sessions,” as the article posted at titled Benefits of Physiotherapy stated. The article further shared, “Cardiopulmonary conditions respond well to physiotherapy intervention. Patients who have difficulty performing their activities of daily living, or who have shortness of breath and decreased endurance, can achieve markedly improved quality of life through guided exercise and resistance training. Intervention also includes manual therapy and exercise to help clear secretions in the lungs, counselling about risk factors, patient education to prevent future recurrence and behaviour modification. For those patients who have had cardiopulmonary surgery, physiotherapy is initiated early to prevent the patient from losing strength and function.”

On the surface, physiotherapy may seem to only rehabilitate the body, but it does more than that in reality, “Physiotherapy works towards Restoring a Balanced Emotional Mental State which is Crucial for Holistic Treatment. A person inflicted with the requirement of physiotherapy suffers mentally more than physically at the very outset. Psychological acceptance of a long term problem in the body and gathering courage to work towards repairing it requires mental strength, positive outlook and perseverance. Here lies a crucial role of the physiotherapist.  Professional physiotherapist will know exactly how to deal with such emotional turmoil, ranging from anxiety and frustration to depression. The physiotherapist builds trust and works with you in harmony towards healing the body and freeing you from the pain. This role of the physiotherapist at building an optimistic and spirited state of mind of his/ her patient is even more important than the conduct of exercises,” as the article 5 Benefits of Physiotherapy You Cannot Afford To Give A Miss!  posted at claimed.

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