Matching Italian Food & Wine

Italian food and wine go together like mashed potatoes and gravy sauce. Opening an Italian restaurant in Singapore without wine is similar to not having red tomatoes for the spaghetti. This is how essential wine is because it has long been a part of the Mediterranean diet for over centuries.

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To learn more about what type of wine goes well with italian food, read through the flavourful wines:

Light, Aromatic Whites

Aromatic Whites are low on alcohol and are highly acidic with a tinge of sweetness. This type of wine goes well with hot and spicy italian dishes because the acidity combines with the heat and the sweetness makes the spiciness of the dish less intense. You can try Gewürztraminer or Riesling.


Rich, Full-Bodied Whites

Rich, full-bodied whites are great for grilled meats because this type of wine matches the earthiness of the herbs as well as the smoky flavour that bring earthy texture to it. Grilled meats like chicken or even fish will go absolutely fantastic with full-bodied whites.


Roses and Light Reds

Light reds come in pink hues. Light reds are not the product of combining white and red wines. It goes through the normal process of first being red grapes until it is combined with yeast for fermentation. They are absolutely perfect with salads with fruit slices, empanadas, beets, pasta in white sauce, and chicken in butter and herbs.


Medium-Bodied, Fruity Reds

Medium reds are the most versatile of red wines. The top italian restaurants in Singapore are going to offer you a Pinot Noir which fully embodies this type of wine, medium and fruity. Try this with italian beef recipes, pork chops, grains salad, lamb, and pizza.


Champagne and Sparkling Wines

Champagne and sparkling wines never miss out on the fun because they are always caught up in the party scene. Popping champagne and drinking sparkling wine are two symbols for celebration. They are very food-friendly so anything goes with these two. A dry and creamy rich Blanc de Noirs or an off-dry and floral Prosecco in the house.


Big, Powerful Reds

Big, powerful reds have the quality of faint spice and they go so well with barbecued or grilled red meat. The title for the best Italian restaurant goes to the one that serves a Zinfandel or Shiraz on the table.


Perhaps wine enthusiasts have tasted the lot of wines and have very well distinguished their taste. If you were at an Italian restaurant, what do you think is your choice of wine? Visit the Italian restaurant near you to find out.

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