Meaning of Rose Colours

bunch of roses

Rose is probably the most recognizable and popular choice amongst all the types of flowers. It is because of its cheap price, elegant look, and it is available in wide range of colours. Each colour of rose conveys different message and portrays different meanings. With many choices of colours, it might seem easier for customers on what to choose. However, you must know what each colour means to avoid sending a wrong message to the recipient. Below will be your guide when choosing the colours for roses.

red rose


Red roses are the common choice for online flowers delivery in Singapore. It is because red rose expresses love, desire, and longing emotion. It also symbolizes devotion and admiration towards the recipient. You can give red roses to your special someone to show that you love her and admire her. Give red rose during special occasion such as Valentine’s Day, anniversary, a date, or just whenever you want to make her feel that you love her.

white rose singapore


The colour white is a symbol of innocence, purity, and chastity, which also goes when choosing roses. You can send white roses bouquet Singapore to people who will be with you to start a new beginning. It is also recommended for brides who will start their new life together with their husband after their wedding. White roses also convey humility and sympathy, which can also present your spirituality. Giving someone a white rose will show your pure intention towards the recipient.

yellow rose singapore


Yellow roses can be given to other people to show your joy and warmth in meeting them. It also symbolizes care and friendship, which is a perfect choice of colour to show your platonic emotion. If you have a new friend at the office, you can send her a yellow flower and gift to show that you welcome her and that you are happy to be her friend. Remember that giving flowers to someone does not necessarily means that you wanted to have a commitment with her.

pink rose singapore


Pink roses are considered to be the light version of red roses not only because of their colour but also to the message they convey. If you want to show your sweetness and innocence towards someone without making them feel that you already love them, you can send light pink roses. While the deep coloured ones symbolizes appreciation and gratitude. Giving pink roses to someone that you date for numerous times is recommended because it will show that you are interested in her and wants to make your relationship to level up in the future.

lavender rose singapore


Lavender roses are perfect to give to your crush or someone that you admire because of her beauty. It is because this rose colour conveys love at first sight. You can send someone Singapore flowers and gifts to show your interest to know her or invite her for a date. Light lavender symbolizes enchantment while the darker lavender shade conveys splendour and majesty. Sending lavender roses will show your fascination as well as your adoration towards someone.

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