The Modern Way Of Teaching


Education is the most important one can ever have. Education can be taught in so many ways. People learn from everyday activities, from friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers. One of the best education that a person can have are those that are taught in school, almost the years of childhood is spent in school. Children learning so many things in addition to what the parents are teaching. Parents teach the value of life, teachers teach the value of having a degree. Every country wants to be at par with the developing countries to compete with the ever changing world. Great education produces great economy.

The system of education has changed over the years. From the traditional way of teaching such as a classroom set up to an online teaching. Classroom set up cannot be done away with because it is the most efficient way to teach the students. There is interaction between teachers and students. As time goes by, with the advent of internet, one can learn through online education. Educators teach through computers, a student can be halfway around the globe and is still able to learn different things. Technology has paved its way into the learning system and it has helped a lot. It made learning easier and convenient.

There is a new system of education called flipped classroom. This is an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning by delivering instructional content online, outside of the classroom. Flipped classroom may include activity learning or more traditional homework problems, to engage the students in the content. The interaction of teacher to the student in this set up can be more personalized and less didactic. The students are actively involved in knowledge construction and acquisition as they participate in the process. The subjects taught are commonly the basic, English, Math or Science. This system is already being done around the world.

Each country is looking for an effective way to teach the students.  In Singapore, some schools have adopted the flipped classroom way of learning. Those who struggle in Math or Science will be taught intensely. Like any other schools, the tuition fee of maths in Singapore varies. It depends on whether the student is attending primary or secondary. There are also centres for learning Math, Science or English. The tuition fee in maths centre differs from the other. It will depend on the type of learning one can have.  Because education is costly in some countries like Singapore, parents could not afford to send their children to school. There is a centre in Singapore that helps parents afford secondary maths tuition at a low rate. It has helped parents reduce the burden of paying a high tuition.

Learning different subjects can be hard and costly, but there are other ways that can be done to surpass such. As we go reach the modern world, it teaches us to be more creative and find ways to let the system of education be exciting. Technology and education go together in helping students learn the easier way.

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