Movies and Films About Singapore

Interested to know more about Singapore? Why not view the following films to know more about the country? Movies about Singapore spans from the 1930s to the present, ranging from horror to action flicks. There is always something interesting about the island-state.

Singapore (1960) – A Bollywood Film about a hidden treasure in a rubber estate in Singapore. The Indians were supposed to find the lost treasure then head back home but then greed comes into picture and some of the characters were killed when they tried to find the treasure. One is implicated by the death of the other characters. It is then revealed that it is the doings of a gang which the main character then brings down.

Road to Singapore (1940) – An American Comedy Film about two American men fleeing from their responsibilities and landing in the “exotic” Singapore where they happen to meet the girl who will catch their attention.

Bugis Street (1995) – a Hong Kong-Singapore Production about the Singaporean transvestites. It is a sexuall-explicit movie with full frontal male nudity. It touches a bit about the previous Bugis Street culture which was colourful but was then converted into a shopping district and the removal of the transvestites in the area.  The story is about a Vietnamese worker who happens to be working in a hotel where the transgender or lady boys provide sexual entertainment much to the Vietnamese disgust but then she sees the beauty and happiness in this kind of situation, the sharp reality but the simple joys of an imperfect world

Chicken Rice War (2000) – The Singaporean film is about Chicken Rice, or the business of it, that is. Two competing families in the Chicken Rice business cannot get along but their children seems to have gotten interested in each other because of the Shakespearean play “Romeo and Juliet”. The movie is said to be loosely based on the Victorian Novel but they have localized the flavour, making the war about Chicken Rice and the secret recipe in making Chicken Rice.

Rice Rhapsody (2004) – Another food-inspired movie, Rice Rhapsody is again about Chicken Rice and love. A Chicken Rice Stall owner is hoping that his youngest son not go gay like his older brothers so she hatches up a plan to make a French Student pair with her son. She values her only son because through him alone, she would have grandchildren.  But then there are some things that cannot be changed; so it is then revealed that the youngest son happens to be gay too. The mother can only come to terms with the truth and be happy about it.


Feature Image Source: EightySixx @ Flickr

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