Picture Perfect: What Picture You Should Use in Your Profile

First impressions are everything, make sure your picture says the right thing about you. A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. If you are a woman, you should know that men are visual, and often they look at your profile because they like what they see.

If you are about to start creating your online dating profile, you must keep these things in mind when choosing the perfect profile picture:



Smile, and Flash your Pearly Whites


Smile is the number one most attractive quality in a person, whether in photos or in real life. Research shows that the best photo a woman can use is the one where she smiles at the camera. If you are not a fan of your teeth, there are more than one way to smile, find a smile that works for you.


Choose a Picture that Shows the Real You


Definitely, do not Photoshop your picture. People want to see the real you, and do not want to be disappointed when they see a different person when you meet up. Ladies, let your profile picture showcase what you really are, opt for a natural or earthy tones of make up, and avoid a smoky eye or dark lips. Don’t lie about your looks, people will find out in the end.


Pick a Recent Picture


The purpose of online dating is to meet offline. Imagine the situation, if you are expecting to meet your prince charming, but shockingly, the prince charming has aged ten years. You want to look like yourself, do not use photo that was taken when you were younger or thinner. Make the impressions about you as accurate as possible. Remember that the purpose of online dating is not to create the ideal version of you, it aims to showcase the real you, and let others adore you for who you really are.


Use a Quality photo


Selfie is good profile picture if we are talking about Facebook, but in online dating sites, you should avoid this. All of your pictures taken at the bathroom mirror conveys a message that you do not go anywhere else exciting, and you do not have interesting things in your life. Try going outdoors, and let a friend capture the moment so you can pose nicely.


Keep your Clothes On


Leave a little for the imagination, and leave the beach bods shots to the professionals. Showing your “all” will not gain you visitors in your profile, and definitely will not earn respect from others. When taking the picture, wear something that you are comfortable of, yet something you might wear on your first date.


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