Popular Flowers in Asian Weddings

Asia is a vast and multicultural continent celebrating weddings through different rituals or norms. With a land as diverse as Asia, flowers of all varieties are used to enhance the special day in many traditional and non-traditional ways. Couples in Asia are getting married every day and has given rise to the 24 hour flower delivery services to cope with the immediate demand for wedding flowers. So what flowers do local wedding ceremonies typically prefer?

In Japan, a cherry tree themed wedding is a popular trend during this spring season. Also called sakura, the flowering cherry tree is also indigenous to China and Korea. Japanese weddings often use Somei Yoshino flowers which are pure white with a tinge of pink near the stem. Japanese bridal bouquets can be unusual and inventive while reception tables are most likely to be decorated with large vases of stemmed cherry blossoms.

Another country with festive weddings which showcases beautiful flower arrangements is Singapore. Access the 24 hour flower delivery shops in Singapore and a bride can have her pick of the most stunning blooms. The “City of Lions” plays host to different kinds of weddings in which orchids remain to be a well-favored choice. Since orchids thrive in the tropical climate of the country, the flower’s resistance to heat and wax-like property make it an ideal option for Singaporean nuptials. Another trendy option to orchids are ivory calla lilies to complement a bride’s wedding gown.

While in India, celebrations can take days or weeks – best known for its characteristic grandeur and cheerful atmosphere. Brides are adorned with opulent clothes and the wedding flowers are no less luxurious. Marigolds are thought to be a symbol of abundance and prosperity and an herb of the Sun. Flowers in a traditional Indian weeding are not only used to adorn the festivities but also to offer it to their gods. Other preferred types are carnations and lily.

The Chinese are quite particular with colors so white and blue flowers for weddings are a big no-no. Red flowers like roses are most appreciated because the color red is associated with life, wealth and happiness. Lilies, orchids and lotus blooms are also customary Chinese wedding flowers which are generally used to decorate the wedding reception.

The beauty of Asian weddings is that there are no strict and conforming rule when it comes to choosing flowers. There are plenty of other popular flowers for an Asian wedding. Peonies are also fashionable and it has been cultivated in Asia for over a thousand years. It is a versatile bloom for different flower arrangements because of its large bloom and sturdy stem. Roses, too, are never out of style and are always accessible. Its pink, white, red and orange colors perpetually create harmony to an Asian wedding.


Feature Image Source: Alpha @ Flickr

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