Privacy in Serviced Apartments

Singapore serviced residencies are the ideal place to stay when in Singapore. They are fully furnished and full of the amenities that the world travel expects. In particular among these types of serviced residences like  is by far one of the best.
Singapore has strict privacy laws which spill over into private companies. Privacy in serviced apartments is considered very seriously in Singapore  keeps your information in the utmost classified manner.
What Information Must You Provide?
In order to provide you with the best possible service you will need to supply certain information about yourself. This information is normally required when you are making reservations anywhere.

You will need to provide contact information for communication needs. We do not share this information with anyone. It is required that all employees and vendors honor the privacy rules. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the original collector of the information to assure that it is handled in a manner that will protect that information.
We may also collect information that will help us to provide you with better service. Things like your personal preferences.
Sensitive Information
There is some instances where collecting sensitive information like health needs and other specific information is warranted. This information is treated differently than general non identifying personal information.
Sensitive information is only available on a need to know basis and is not shared with any other business. This information is kept protected and it is used to make your stay more comfortable and best suited to your needs.

Using the Website
When you use the website to make your reservations it may be shared with booking partners and other third party companies. All but your credit card information is typically shared.
Your Privacy
Singapore serviced residences like the hotels in central district can easily become your home away from home, actually likely better than your own home. Your privacy is a must among the most important things to be considered by a hotel. A confidential stay where your identity and preferences are always protected is the single best way to stay in Singapore hassle free and privately!
Keeping the residents with their privacy in tact and making sure your stay is worry free is one of the main goals apart from giving the customer the best service possible. Always in compliance with the privacy laws and beyond to make your stay safe, secure and unforgettable.

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