Processes involved in a Typical Funeral Services

In life, it is not just the good times that we must feel. We should also feel sorrow and sadness for us to be able to appreciate and value happiness more. This is how life works. But unfortunately, when the end of the line comes to one human being, it is a given that we need to properly give our respects to the deceased. Thanks to funeral services and directors, we can seek help whenever we face such tragic times – specially when we do not know what to do, considering that we have lost someone we have loved so much or was a part of our dearest family. Many funeral services here in Singapore offer buddist funeral services, christian funeral services, and other ceremonies or traditions from different religions. All of them are fundamentally the same and most of the time have the same processes involved in terms of the funeral. Here is a detailed information regarding the processes involved in a funeral ceremony: 

Issuance of death certificate – In order for the death to be properly documented or certified, it needs to be reported along with the necessary informat ion such as the time and the date of death, as well as the place. The funeral home that is taking care of the body of the deceased is the one responsible for filling the death certificate out and it may specifically be the doctor or a medical examiner. Once all the information needed for the death certificate is submitted, make sure that it gets filed in time, which is around ten days after the death took place.

So to start with, the body of the deceased needs to be transported from the place of death to a facility such as a funeral home, in this case. However, in some situations where the body of the deceased died overseas, that is the time that it is going to be covered by the kind of life or travel insurance that they have. Once the body of the deceased has reach its supposed destination, the filing of the death certificate should come next.

Now, while the death certificate is being issued, the funeral arrangements also begin at the same time. You will have to provide what kind of ceremony you are going to have such as graveside service, or a memorial service. Once that is settled, they will be providing you options as what funeral materials they need for it to be held properly. This includes items such as caskets, decorative flowers, candles, grave markers and the like. Afterwards, the body needs preperation for the desired ceremony of the deceased’s family. It would depend on the religion if the body can be embalmed or not. Once the body is clean and prepared, it goes to the next process which is the ceremony itself. It could be a wake, graveside service, or a memorial service. Though it all depends on the religion and culture of the deceased.

There are many additional processes that are involved in terms of funeral services and most arrangements that are made usually have the consent of the deceased’s family, specially when it comes to the ritual and ceremony.

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