Pros and Cons of Different Mobile Broadband Plans

There is really no such thing as unlimited mobile broadband per se. With the fair usage policy that has been implemented in many countries to provide equal data usage opportunities among users, access to mobile broadband has been restricted to some degree. However, the only users that would feel this restriction are those using bandwidth-intensive applications, and that is what home broadband connections are for. Telco providers have come up with measures to implement the fair usage policy among their subscribers either by capping the daily data usage or by indicating a maximum price cap for data usage in excess of a customer’s mobile broadband plan.

However, when you really come to think of it, these usage caps are barely reachable for the average user who just surfs and uses simple apps. So then, after all, it would still seem like everyone has access to unlimited mobile broadband because not everyone can use up all the available data provision in a day! While this may seem like a disadvantage to some, it surely does not affect many. For you to find out if mobile broadband is suitable for your lifestyle, here are the pros and cons of postpaid and prepaid mobile broadband plans.

Postpaid Mobile Broadband


  •         Higher usage cap than prepaid accounts – Postpaid accounts definitely have more advantage over prepaid accounts when it comes to the available amount of data usage. Prepaid plans are limited to below $40 per top-up, whereas maximum data usage for postpaid accounts can go as high as $188 per month.
  •         Automatic renewal after cut-off – Subscribing to postpaid mobile broadband takes away the hassle of going to a store, paying, and keying-in details just to top-up. As with other postpaid plans, your allocated usage renews itself every month after your account’s cut-off date, and all you need to do is pay the monthly service fee once a month.


  •         Usage cap – For the user heavy on bandwidth usage, the usage cap might be a problem as the telco provider automatically terminates the service once the limit is reached. In this case, it is strongly advisable to just use a home fibre broadband connection to ensure quick and seamless connectivity that is truly unlimited!

Prepaid Mobile Broadband


  •         Pay-as-you-go – Working on a budget? Prepaid mobile broadband plans are easy on the pocket and gives you the flexibility to choose your data usage cap as much as on a daily basis.
  •         No commitment – Prepaid mobile broadband plans are ideal for the frequent traveller, the occasional user, or for anyone who does not want to get tied to a binding long-term contract with a telco provider.


  •         Lower usage allowancePrepaid mobile broadband plans are capped on an average of 15GB data spread out over a week, whereas postpaid plans can go as high as $180 per month, on average excess data spend without being cut off.
  •         Required to top-up – You will always need to check your remaining data usage to make sure that it is sufficient for the tasks that you need to do. And when it’s time to add some more data allowance, you still need to go to the nearest top-up card retailer.

Mobile broadband is such a great innovation that has made everyone’s lives easier, considering how everything is now done while on-the-go. With the great demand should come an even greater supply, and that is the greater challenge now for telcos, to provide a truly seamless, unlimited mobile broadband without any strings attached.

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