The Real Deal with Apple Products

Steve Jobs did not die in vain without leaving a great legacy to humanity. It is almost unthinkable talking about communication technology without mentioning iPhones, iPads, iPods, MacBooks—all Apple products that we all loved all these years.

Writer Tim Bajarin breaks down the reasons behind the greatness of Apple products in his article titled 6 Reasons Apple Is So Successful for the website,“ (it) Offer great customer service and in-store experiences. Jobs understood one of the major conundrums of technology: even if you create products that are easy to use, the variety of things that people want to use technology for often creates complexity. Because of this, consumers at all levels may need some hand holding from time to time. I was one of the most vocal critics of Apple when it introduced its first retail store in Tokyo in 2002. I thought it was crazy for Apple to try and go into retail. At the time, and even today, tech retail stores are in decline while big-box stores like Costco and Walmart sell products on price and nothing else. I thought that if price were the issue, an upscale retail store would be DOA. Wow, were other naysayers and I wrong about Apple’s retail strategy. Apple uses this conundrum to its advantage. Because it keeps product SKUs simple, the salespeople inside the stores know the products really well. Notice that when you go into an Apple store and are greeted by one of the sales staff, you’re not asked, “How can I help you?” Instead they ask, “What would you like to do today?” They go right to the heart of any technology user’s question, a question that’s always related to what they want to do with the technology the user is interested in. And once you explain your needs, they take care of it on the spot in most cases. Or if you need more hand holding, they turn you over to the Apple Geniuses. No wonder 50% of people buying Apple products are new to Apple. Apple’s products are simple to understand and use, but if you do have a problem, Apple can take care of it at their stores or over the phone quickly.”

Sheila, 29, who owns a MacBook Air for 2 years now, shared how a MacBook service centre in Singapore helped her fix the keyboard problem of her unit, “It was entirely my fault. I am an impatient typist, and I often force the letter to pop out of the word file, needlessly. When I am frustrated about something, I take it out on the MacBook—thinking no amount of force can break it down. Thankfully, technicians and Apple product experts are there to help me with the needed repair. Consultation was free, and I got great tips from them about maintenance. I am a loyal Apple product buyer so even my cellphones are Apple. And you bet, when there are questions and certain functions that I don’t understand about my mobile, I often visit or call an authorised iPhone repair center here in Singapore, and I don’t mind the hassle of travelling there because my concern about the longevity of my Apple products is one of my priorities. There is a reason why I buy Apple products despite them being more expensive that other brands. I believe in its quality and standard. I can’t imagine myself holding, for instance, a Samsung phone. It just doesn’t feel right.  ”

It is very important to keep in mind that only legit iPhone authorised service center should fix your gadget’s problem, “You’ll never know what a non-Apple expert will do to your unit when your eyes are away during the repair. And the worst is, if this is an inexperienced, just know-it-all person, the repair may even lead to further damage of your gadget,” warned Michael, an Apple store employee in Singapore.

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