Resorts World Sentosa Attractions Not in a Casino

Formally launched as an integrated resort in December 2012, the Resorts World Sentosa has become one of Singapore’s most prominent tourist attractions for both locals and foreigners. And though it was frequently associated with casino gaming, the 121 acre and Genting Singapore-developed entertainment center is in many ways positioned as a family-friendly attraction boasting of some of the world’s best theme parks and educational attractions.

The Resorts World Sentosa opened to public in the early months of 2010, but its grand opening was only celebrated on the last months of 2012 with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Genting Group Chairman Lim Kok Thay officiating the ceremonies. The Sentosa franchise of Resorts World is one of two gambling hubs in the island-state and is a sister company of those that are in Manila, the Philippines and Pahang, Malaysia.

Are you planning to visit Resorts World Sentosa with your kids? Here we list the three family-friendly attractions in the famous entertainment centre that’s definitely not gambling, shopping and dining.


1. Universal Studios Singapore

Covering 49 acres of the 121 acre integrated resort, the Universal Studios Singapore is the second franchise of the theme park operators that opened in Asia next to Japan. It promises a one-of-a-kind theme park experience in Asia that cannot be topped in the next 30 years. While there, one can experience cutting-edge rides, attractions and world class shows basically based on some of your favourite Universal Pictures movies and series.

There are seven zones housed in the Southeast Asia-franchise of the Universal Studios theme park. This include: ‘The Lost World’, ‘Far Far Away’,Sci Fi City’, ‘Ancient Egypt’, ‘Madagascar’, ‘New York’, ‘Sci Fi City’, ‘Ancient Egypt’ and ‘Hollywood’; with ‘Transformers the Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle’, ‘Jurassic Park Rapids’ and ‘Shrek 4-D Adventure’ as some of the most prominent and well-loved rides. What’s more exciting is that the following rides and zone are especially made and can only be found in the Singapore’s Universal Studios.

2. Marine Life Park

The 20 acre nature park is dubbed as the world’s biggest oceanarium and currently features three marine- zones: the ‘S.E.A Aquarium’ ‘Dolphin Island’ and ‘Adventure Cove Water Park’. Promising an unforgettable experience, these three marine parks at the Marine Life Park are home to countless wonders of the marine life – with over a hundred thousand of different species seen at the S.E.A Aquarium.

One unique feature offered by Marine Life Park is the chance to encounter the animals up-close. Some of the popular encounters are ‘Shark Encounter’ and ‘Ray Bay’ – an encounter with manta rays. The Dolphin Island on the other hand offers programs that allow visitors to interact for dolphins.

3. Maritime Experiential Museum

Primarily featuring the maritime history of southeast region of Asia and its neighbouring countries, the Maritime Experiential Museum is another attraction that visitors must experience while in the island of Sentosa. And since it’s an experiential museum, it offers zones and areas that bring its visitors back to history: ‘Maritime Silk Route’, ‘Maritime Archeology Gallery’ and ‘Historic Ship Harbour’. Every station is equipped with visually appealing, innovative and multi-sensorial features, making it a very interactive experience.

These stations at the Maritime Experiential Museum end with the ‘Typhoon Theatre’ where visitors ride a sailing ship and experience a storm. The Typhoon Theatre is a 360 degree multimedia theatre that definitely offers another unforgettable experience.


Feature Image Source: Sarah Ackerman @ Flickr

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