Singapore’s Reliable Parcel Delivery, Seconds Away from Doorstep

The nation’s courier service provider, Hew Transportation aims to provide reliable parcel delivery to customers at their doorstep within minutes or seconds without delay. We go beyond reliable delivery service by offering you logistical solutions to provide less hassle and cost.

Your delivery orders are minutes away from success. Print your shipping in a matter of minutes with our user-friendly system.

Our services rely on accountability and safe management for your delivery to arrive on time. We deliver punctually, and we deliver with care.

As the leading courier service in Singapore, we revolutionize on-time delivery with accurate computation and tracking of time and distance. We go beyond the extra mile to ensure your patience will never be tested.

Logistics is the key

Data gathering and accurate attention to detail pave the way for successful deliveries. We make sure that with precise time tracking and distance estimation, better translation of data ensures your product will come in time.

Of course, through our streamlined customer service, our system will make sure it presents accurate details of your orders.

Safety and Insurance

Before all else, your goods’ safety and insurance are our priority. With the use of modern automated machinery, we manage your goods with protection and incomparable insurance.

Full insurance covers the entire duration of your delivery to free your mind from worry. You can expect the safest and most reliable parcel delivery in Singapore from our strict practice for safety and satisfaction.

Happy Workers, Happy Customers

Through customer satisfaction, comes the output of exemplary teamwork and efficient management from our most experienced crew members. With over decades of knowledge in the shipping and logistics industry, Hew Transportation assures our customers and clients reliable service through the hardship and experience of our crew.

Integrity is valued by our dedicated crew, to leave you a long lasting impression every time your goods are delivered. Because at the end of the day, happy worker create happy customers.

Quick distribution throughout the entire island

Fast, reliable, and safe: these words constitute our proud service to our happy clients and customers. Through the use of trucks and vans, we deliver to multiple locations around Singapore every day of the week with overtime charges.

Transparent service

Our services provided are entirely clear for you to see. With the single click of a button, your shipment status can be tracked instantly. We will keep you notified via SMS regarding your delivery’s success.

The estimated time of arrival for your delivery can be tracked as well. But since we’re equipped with better efficiency, our translation of time provides better and more accurate details to emulate productive service.

Customer above All

For our utmost priority, the customer’s satisfaction will always be the mindset of it all. We practice fortitude, honesty, and accuracy in our services. You can always rely on us to deliver your precious goods. We’ll deliver them, and we’ll deliver them with a smile.

For any enquiry, you may contact us at (65) 6988 1766 or send us an e-mail at

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