Different signs of aging may occur even when we are in our early twenties. This can make us quite self-conscious especially for women. It can be in a form of eye bags, wrinkles, dark spots and other skin problems. The most common problem that a lot of women usually deal with is loose and saggy skin. It can be on the cheeks, chin, arms and forearms and even on the lower extremity. They find different means to try and get rid of the loose skin. It can be in a form of exercising, diet, and sometimes they even consider cosmetic surgeries.

Just like any other skin problems, prevention is still better than cure. We will not really be able to notice that our skin starts to loosen up until it actually does – it is not something that happens over the night. So we have to make sure that we watch our diet and avoid foods that contain processed chemicals or artificial ingredients which can cause unhealthy skin, resulting to various skin problems. But of course, it takes a lot of discipline to watch what you eat, that is why there are actually some convenient solution nowadays to loose skin. Skin tightening treatment is one of the non-surgical options to go with to cure loose skin. There are many dermatological clinics that provide skin tightening treatments here in Singapore

Although laser skin tightening is already available, there are still people who prefer to undergo cosmetic surgeries such as a facelift here in SingaporeWell, it would really depend on the person on what they want the outcome to be. As well as the downtime that they are fine with in terms of treatment, particularly the process of recovery.

But how does skin tightening work, exactly?

As the name indicates, it is purpose is to tighten your skin to prevent sagging and other signs of aging such as wrinkles. The treatment usually includes the use of infrared light (laser skin tightening) to burn unwanted formation of collagen in the skin, causing it to contract and be tighter. The results are usually immediate after the treatment, especially if done in the facial area. The main benefit of this treatment aside from other forms of cosmetic surgeries that deal with skin tightening is that there is no downtime in the procedure which means that the patient can return to their usual activity right after the treatment.

Another reason why you would benefit from the treatment is because it is noninvasive which means there will be no incision made to the skin to complete the process. Other surgical procedures that use incisions to the skin would normally leave marks and scars which is something that most patient does not want to have. In addition to that, there would be less complications that may happen since the treatment does not include introduction of foreign chemicals into the body, as well as there will be no scar that can possibly be infected.

So if you think that you look a bit older than you really are due to your skin being loose, it might be the best time to look into getting the treatment.


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